A travel memoir, How NOT to Travel the World written by one of my favourite travel bloggers, Lauren Juliff. She is the lady behind Never Ending Footsteps.

How Not To Travel The World

Ever since Lauren announced her book publication, I was already looking forward to reading it. With much anticipation, it was finally launched and now available on Amazon.

What is this book about?

A twenty-something girl from England infected with travel bug that she wanted to travel the world. Like most people, first she sold her stuff and quit her job. Then leave behind her family and friends to take on the world. That is just a typical beginning of every travel memoir isn’t it?

Now, something’s different about this girl. Leaving behind the safety net takes courage and this girl took more than just courage.

Before Lauren went on to conquer the world, she battled with anxiety disorder. Many times, she was not able to get out of her house and she was also convinced that she was about to die. At times she was not able to eat anything at all. Without seeking any medical help, she slowly took charge of her life. A little at a time until she was well enough to begin her world travel. If it is not determination, I don’t know what was it anymore.

This is not something a normal person, like you and I, are able to comprehend. Through this book, I see how a girl conquered anxiety issues and how she continues to battle with it as she travelled across Europe to Asia.

Disasters and more disasters

Her travel disasters started from day one of her big trip. Really, girl? Since then, she slept with her backpack still on her back, ate cockroaches (yuck!), sat next to a dead woman in a boat, got scammed and hit back, experienced an almost-tsunami and plenty more.

She flew to Thailand to meet her soon-to-be boyfriend after drunk-texting him one night. It was almost a fairy tale! I said almost because it would be a fairy tale if it meant it was the end of her unlucky travels.

After going through so much, this girl is still braving the world and it seems that the walking disaster title isn’t getting her down!

Why should you be reading the book?

Lauren draws you into her travels and disasters that leaves you wondering just how much bad luck can one girl gets? How much was her life quota of bad lucks?

Travelling is not all full of glitters and unicorns because Lauren shows you the reality of travel where sometimes everything that could go wrong, would go wrong. What matter most is that you do not let these get you down, sometimes you just need to continue to face them all.

If you are down on luck, perhaps reading this book puts you into perspective that you life is not that bad all, if it is of much consolation.

Would I recommend this book?

Totally! How NOT to travel the world is a light-hearted, funny and entertaining. I love how Lauren got dramatic with her life because I could resonate with that as I am one dramatic person myself.

Have you read this book yet and let me know what you think of it!

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