Pam, the Singapore Tourist Guide

Let me take you on guided tours in Singapore! 

I am a certified English-speaking tour guide in Singapore since 2016. Let's go on a discovery journey through this island city-state where I will share my culture, traditions and insides to the nooks and crannies in Singapore! 

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Pam's Guided Tours

I am passionate to show you what Singapore can offer. I developed these guided tours in Singapore to allow you to see the country through the eyes of a local, look beyond the modern city's facade, discover something new. Ultimately to enhance your experience in Singapore. 

3-Hour Small Group Wellness in Chinatown Guided Tour

Wellness in Chinatown


This tour is a collaboration with Ouch Pte Ltd, a wellness program company. Trace back the history of DIY self-help care of our forefathers and uncover stories in Chinatown. A certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wellness Trainer will lead a workshop where you will learn various ways to improve your own wellness with simple acupressure massage and scraping.  

3-Hour Small Group Bar to Bar Walking Tour

Bar to Bar


Let loose as we drink and explore the city’s sights and sounds by foot between the two bars. See beyond the city's facade as I share with you on the stories, insights and development of Singapore from the early days. 

4-Hour Small Group Local Beer Tasting Walking Tour


Join me, a self proclaimed beer enthusiast as we go on the journey to discover locally brewed craft beers right and learn why they are better than your commercial beers in Singapore. Come along and experience the local drinking culture! 

Customised your own Private Tour

Private Guided Tour in Singapore


Go wherever you want in Singapore with a professional private guide! Enjoy the flexibility to customise your own private tour. 

STB Tourist Guide

Why should you join me on a guided tour?

No doubt Singapore is very accessible with our extensive public transport system. Sure, you can snap a photo of yourself sprouting water like our Merlion, walk towards that iconic hotel of three towers with a spaceship on top that is known as Marina Bay Sands hotel, head to a hawker centre to figure out what local food to order and say you have visited Singapore.

That said, how much of Singapore have you really seen? How much of Singapore do you really know? What goes beyond the skyline of skyscrapers and Instagram-worthy spots in this metropolitan city? Would you want to NOT go to where the tourists go? Then come join me! 

My tours enable you to:

  • Discover Singapore beyond the facade of this "almost perfect" country. 
  • Enhance your experience in Singapore through the eyes of a local
  • Have fun
  • Get to know the insides and tips about Singapore
Pam goes travelling