Parliament House of Singapore

Opened in 1999, this current Parliament House of Singapore lies in the Civic District.

In Singapore, we modelled our governing system after the British due to our colonial past. Prime Minister is the one with the power who is spearheading the country while our President is the head of state, a ceremonial role with limited power.

Each parliamentary term lasts up to a maximum of 5 years from the first sitting. When the President announced the dissolution of the parliament, General Election will then be held within the next 3 months. All Singaporeans over the age of 21 have to cast our votes to the candidate(s) we deemed suitable to run our constituencies and also indirectly, Singapore.

When the candidates win the election, they will be sworned in as the Member of Parliament (MP). Parliament House of Singapore is where they will debate on issues and pass bills.

Do you know that anyone can go into the Parliament House of Singapore to attend the parliament sitting? It is open to locals and foreigners. Check the official website for the announcement of the sitting and plan a visit for a unique Singapore experience!

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