Indian Rojak

This is Indian Rojak, a platter of various unhealthy fried fritters meant for sharing with friends.

Before a plate of Indian Rojak is served in front of you, you would need to pick from a wide selection of fried fritters and put what you would like to eat on a plate using a pair of tongs. Next, pass it on to the person attending the stall so he/she can refry the food for them to be served warm and is more appealing. 

Some of my favourite picks are the prawn fritters, eggs coated with flour, cuttlefish, fish fillet and potato!

The essence of this dish is the sauce where you dip the fritters with that is of equal importance. The orangey-red sauce is made up of sweet potatoes, shallots, garlic, chillis, belacan stock, peanuts and other condiments gave it the sweet and flavourful taste.

Do you know that the early Indian immigrants in Singapore were the ones who invented Indian Rojak? When it was first created, there were not as many different types of fried fritters available. Slowly, they added more items to the selection catering to the Chinese community and also the growing demand for more varieties.

Have you tried this dish before and do you have your favourite stall?

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