The Float @ Marina Bay

The Float @ Marina Bay sets upon the waterfront with the colourful spectator chairs and the spotlighted green field.

Opened in 2007, this is a temporary site in replacement of National Stadium which was undergoing a major renovation at that time.

The colourful seats are able to hold 30,000-strong spectators. In addition, we can allow as many as 9,000 people onto the floating platform.

Since the opening, many Singaporeans would fondly remember celebrating National Day Parade (NDP) here.

This space allows us to celebrate our nation’s success with the beautiful skyline along with the performances. Plus, it has better integration to showcase our army, airforce and navy altogether.

NDP is the main event and reason for this setup, events such as River Angbao, New Year Eve celebration and other running events are also held here as well. Interestingly enough, the floating platform looks like a football field however it had not hosted any matches before.

The Float @ Marina Bay will not be around forever. In August this year, the government announced plans to develop it into NS Square by 2025. It will be a venue for art, culture and sports activities and perhaps even sports facilities.

In the meantime, we can still look forward to holding 2 more rounds of NDP set upon the waterfront.

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