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Interacting with elephant in Green Elephant Sanctuary
Asia Destination Phuket Thailand Travel Roundup

Travelling during the low season in Phuket, Thailand

After staying grounded for 28 months, I finally left Singapore for a quick getaway as I could only squeeze in a short holiday. Phuket was a clear choice as it was only 2 hours flight time away, and I had never explored this part of Thailand before. Usually, the mention of Phuket, people will relate …

Asia Destination Solo Travelling Sri Lanka Travel Roundup

Sri Lanka, a dazzling Pearl in Indian Ocean [travel roundup]

I was due for yet another solo trip for the last one was 16 months ago to Portugal and Spain. It was not difficult to pick Sri Lanka as the choice of my next solo adventure. The first thing that comes to the mind of true blue Singaporeans at the mention of Sri Lanka is …

Destination Fiji Oceania Travel Roundup

Fiji, more than just beaches [Travel roundup]

At the mention of Fiji, what would be the first thing on your mind? A honeymoon destination? Paradise of pristine beaches? Luxurious travel or Fiji bottled water? Snippets on Fiji I always enjoy playing the guess all the countries in the world game and that was how I discovered Fiji virtually sitting in front of …

Asia Destination Travel Roundup Vietnam

Loving life; a short getaway to Central Vietnam [Travel Roundup]

Travelled to Danang, the fifth largest city in Vietnam recently with Susan, my Kindergarden best friend. Why Central Vietnam? Susan wanted a beach holiday and I wanted a destination not too touristy so Da Nang was the perfect fit for us. We squeezed in a couple of days in Hoi An, an ancient UNESCO listed …

Destination Europe Portugal Solo Travelling Spain Travel Roundup

Starting 2016 with Portugal and Spain [Travel Roundup]

I have been celebrating new year overseas since 2012. First was Australia, followed by Taiwan, Yogyakarta and Vietnam. This year, I waited patiently at the runway of Singapore Changi Airport awaiting the plane to take off for a 12 hours long haul flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

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