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Interacting with elephant in Green Elephant Sanctuary
Asia Destination Phuket Thailand Travel Roundup

Travelling during the low season in Phuket, Thailand

After staying grounded for 28 months, I finally left Singapore for a quick getaway as I could only squeeze in a short holiday. Phuket was a clear choice as it was only 2 hours flight time away, and I had never explored this part of Thailand before. Usually, the mention of Phuket, people will relate …

Asia Destination Personal Singapore

Rainy days, I have a bubble I call home #SGUnited

Often, I feel that living in Singapore is like living in a bubble. A well-sheltered bubble. So I crave to have different experiences, not willing to settle in this protected zone. Thus with my free-spirit nature, I wander the world to learn different cultures, meet new people, broaden my mind and to experience life. A …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Floral Fantasy (Postcard Singapore #28)

Stepping into Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay will take your breath away. It will be an instant mood lifter as you find yourself surrounded by the prettiest flower arrangements and floral scent that fills the air. The out-of-the-world creation is so wild that will leave you wondering if some of the flowers or …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

The Floating Eggs (Postcard Singapore #25)

The colourful floating eggs line up beautifully on the dragonfly lake at Gardens by the Bay. Together with the surrounding trees, they make up one of the outdoor interactive art exhibition of #futuretogether. If you watch them closely, these floating eggs seem to have a life of their own. They lit up and diminish as …

Postcard Singapore Singapore

Singapore Mile Zero (Postcard Singapore #23)

Do you know that in Singapore, all roads lead to Fullerton Hotel where this Mile Zero marker is located? Way before we developed our proper roads and invent the comprehensive maps, people measured landmarks and districts of Singapore by the distances (miles) across Singapore by taking the then General Post Office as the “zero-point”. The …

The Float @ Marina Bay
Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

The Float @ Marina Bay (Postcard Singapore #22)

The Float @ Marina Bay sets upon the waterfront with the colourful spectator chairs and the spotlighted green field. Opened in 2007, this is a temporary site in replacement of National Stadium which was undergoing a major renovation at that time. The colourful seats are able to hold 30,000-strong spectators. In addition, we can allow …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Merlion in Sentosa (Singapore Postcard #21)

Located on Sentosa, an island south of mainland Singapore sits the largest Merlion ever constructed. To be exact, it is right beside Imbiah station of the Sentosa Express train. Built in 1995, it stands at a height of 37-metres tall. With a grandeur like this, it is a hard-to-miss In fact, it captures the attention …

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