The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. - Eleanor Roosevelt

I do not want to merely exist. I want to live, I crave the feeling to be alive. 

The need to constantly experiment new things, throw myself out of comfort zone and challenge myself to stay motivated in life.

Life is too short for any regrets. When my life flashes past me before I take my last breath, I want to see a vision filled with colours and beautiful moments. With that, I know I've made my time on Earth all worthwhile. 

To explore 


[]Cambodia to gain insights into their history and see for myself if Angkor Wat was as impressive as what everyone says
[x]Hanoi to see the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh and determine if Halong Bay was worth the hype
[x]Re-visit Penang for all the salivating food
[]Palawan for the pristine beaches in the Philippines
[]Island of Borneo to see Orang Utan in its natural habitat
[]Golden Triangle, the area of border of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar
[]Explore the mysterious DPRK (only after the Kim regime collapses)
[]Kyoto to see the autumn foliage
[]Come close to the place where the atomic bomb landed on 6 August 1945 in Hiroshima
[]Beijing to climb the Great Wall of China
[]Xi'an to see the magnificent terracotta warriors
[]Interview an eagle hunter and ride a horse in the plans of Mongolia
[]Hike to Tiger Nest, go rafting and also visit the Penis Monastery in Bhutan
[]Golden Triangle in India as an introduction of the country
[]Head up north to Ladkah for the beautiful mountains and endless roads
[]Kashmir to gain a deeper understanding of what the dispute between India and Pakistan was all about
[]Safari experience in India
[x]Sri Lanka for a safari experience
[]Uzbekistan for the exquisite mosques and silk road history
[]Stand in front of the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan
[]Iran in search of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron and encounter the friendly people


[]Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney
[x]Admire the grandness of Blue Mountains
[x]Driving along Great Ocean Road
[]Check out the Uluru Rock at North of Australia
[]Go chasing for Southern Lights and experience nature in Tasmania
[]Road trip in South New Zealand
[x]Island hop in Fiji


[]Wine-tasting at the oldest wine-producing country in the world at Georgia
[] Cruise between Asia and Europe continent in Istanbul, Turkey.
[]Visit the site where the nuclear disaster happened in Chernobyl
[]Visit the fjords of Norway
[]Get into a volcano crater and experience the natural beauty of Iceland
[]Drink as many Belgium beers as possible in Belgium
[]Enter the town with no roads and experiment with legal stuff in the Netherlands
[]Attend a concert in Vienna

[]Explore the underground tunnels in Paris
[x]Enjoy the view of London in London Eye
[x]Step into Anfield, the homeground of Liverpool Football Club in Liverpool
[]Explore the South of Spain for Alhambra
[]Visit a Christmas Market in Germany
[x]Visit Porto for their famous port wine
[]Munch on Pierogi and learn about the holocaust in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland
[]Enjoy the stunning beauty of Scotland Highlands


[]Stand in awe in front of the pyramids in Eygpt
[]Enjoy breakfast with giraffe in Tanzania
[]Gorilla trekking in Rwanda
[]Shark-cage diving and wildlife experience in South Africa

North America

[]Road trip through the Canadian Rockies
[]Take photos in Antelope Canyon
[]Dive to the underwater cave at Cenote in Mexico

South America

[x]Learn about the coffee plantation and experience the warm of the people in Colombia.
[x]Visit the hometown of Botero Fernandes in Medellin, Colombia

[x]Satisfy my curious mind and visit Mompox, Colombia
[x]Rafting and hop onto the swing to the end of world in Banos, Ecuador
[x]Visit Machu Picchu in Peru
[x]Pose perspective photos at Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia
[x]Bike down the death road in La Paz, Bolivia
[x]Head into the Amazon
[]Go trekking in Patagonia
[]Learn about the mysterious statues in Easter Island, Chile


[]Visit the Antarctica penguins

To experience

[x] Solo Travel
[] Go skinny dippy

[] Get a tattoo
[] Skydiving
[]Hop onto the Trans-Siberian Rail
[]Glacier Hiking
[]Ice breaker cruise
[x]Experience a world-class soccer match
[]Watch the Liverpool FC play in a football stadium to experience the spirit of Liverpool fans
[]Get up close and personal with elephants in an elephant sanctuary
[x]Taste 3 different kind of food (meat) that is outside my regular diet (Alpaca, Guinea Pig and fried ants)

[x]Road trip in a campervan

To challenge

[] Learn how to tread water and gain water confidence
[] Go on an adventure roulette
[] Go for a blood donation drive
[x] Complete a full marathon

Life is not about the destination but the journey.

This list will continue to be updated... 

Pam goes travelling