Hello and welcome to Pam Goes Travelling!

I am Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. I am passionate about all things travel. From getting travel inspiration to travel research and planning as well as embracing the whole adventure. I am also an extrovert (this can be dependent on situation but let’s not delve into that for now) and I love meeting people. ????

If I have to rank my top 3 favourites in the world, it has got to be

  • Travel
  • Social interactions
  • Beers

Mixing these 3 together, I can almost guarantee that it is the best concoction ever!

If someone were to tell a 13-year-old me that one day I will be the girl who will travel the world by herself and live out of the social norm, I would first raise my eyebrows then cast my skeptical eyes before pulling off a hysterical laugh and walk off thinking what a lunatic the person was. 

I had always envisioned myself as someone who will graduate from school, find a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. 

Back then, my concept of travelling would mean, taking short getaways to Bangkok or neighbouring countries for shopping and massages. For a more adventurous holiday, I would head to other parts of Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and perhaps even Japan and Korea. Europe is something that was meant for a honeymoon but never beyond that. And that South America will be a place so far away that I would never even dream of going to. 

It is funny how life turns out to be least expected, isn’t it?

What’s my story?

It was in December 2011, I gifted myself a graduation trip for completing my Bachelor degree in Marketing and that trip steered me into a different mindset and set me off various adventures. 

I flew to Down Under to find my cousin who was living in Brisbane and also a friend who was then living in Canberra. At that time, I thought taking a flight by myself was the most adult thing I have ever done!

The moment I passed through the immigration gate at Singapore Changi Airport, I had the realisation that HOLY S***, this holiday I had been anticipating was real. At the same time, the other half of me felt like what if I just turn back, head home and NOT hop onto the plane, that is still a possibility that I can go on with life as per normal. I was overwhelmed with emotions that I shed a few big fat teardrops! Teardrops that contain fear, fear for the unknown and sadness (that I am leaving this normality all by myself).

Little did I know that it was this 2 weeks holiday changed my life FOREVER!

I wandered in the streets of Brisbane and took off for a hella good time in Movie World theme park, Gold Coast all by myself and I began to toy with the idea of travelling solo one day.

This holiday not just sparked my passion to travel, it has also given me the ignition to be courageous, to challenge myself out of my comfort zone and to realise that I am a lot more independent and stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Since then, I have solo travelled to Australia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka and South America. 

As you can probably tell, I fell in love with solo travelling and it is something I want to do over and over again! 

It has always been a dream of mine to go on long-term travelling. In 2017, I chanced upon this opportunity. I quitted my job and left for Colombia to learn Spanish. Subsequently, I travelled to other countries in South America before coming home. The trip to the other side of the world was one of the best time in my life for I made so many friends, given me a shift in mindset and open up my perspective that I will hold this special experience close to my heart. 

My travels

I believe in striking a balance in everything. There are times I travel with friends, I travel for them. There are also times I enjoy wandering anonymously on my own. Sometimes I carry my travel possessions on my back while other times I wheel a piece of luggage next to me.

Modern cities are where I am most comfortable in, sometimes a little too comfortable because I know I am in my zone. At the same time, I love places with a little bit of edge because they always give off the vibe of an adventure. Nature is where I am out of my element yet I am able to gain a sense of appreciation and gratitude for being alive and to be able to experience the magnificence of Mother Nature. 

I always love a good adventure, be it the good and the bad, I embraced them all. The good would well, good memories whereas the bad will make me push my own limits, learn from the mistakes plus, they make brilliant travel stories.

I enjoy the serendipities of travelling, the spontaneity as they have brought me nothing but great joy and memories!

Why I travel?

I am driven by curiosity. Curiosity to see the world, learn new things, gain a wider perspective so as I can be a better person. 

Travelling has empowered me to make things happen, knowing that I am capable of making my own destiny. 

I travel to experience cultures, learn about the histories which resulted in the world we are living in today, interact with locals, experiment different cuisines, meet people and to admire nature’s beauty. Travelling opens my eyes and mind, giving me the extra contentment that no amount of material goods can satisfy. Most importantly, I travel because I want to experience life.

What I hope to achieve through this space?

I started this blog because I want to pen my thoughts and share my travel stories. This is also where you can expect some tips, guides and personal rambling as we go along. 

I also hope to inspire you to go solo travelling. There is always a fear of the unknown but once you overcome it and push yourself out of your own comfort zone, life will reward you with so much more! 

Having travelled to 20+ countries, I am still on my way to conquer more places, one at a time, slowly but surely. 

If you would like to explore Singapore and discover this city-state through the eyes of a local, be entertained by my stories and join me for a beer, you can check out my guided tours for more details! 

I invite you to join me on this journey and I hope you will enjoy your stay here! 



Pam goes travelling