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Singapore Mile Zero (Postcard Singapore #23)

Do you know that in Singapore, all roads lead to Fullerton Hotel where this Mile Zero marker is located? Way before we developed our proper roads and invent the comprehensive maps, people measured landmarks and districts of Singapore by the distances (miles) across Singapore by taking the then General Post Office as the “zero-point”. The …

The Float @ Marina Bay
Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

The Float @ Marina Bay (Postcard Singapore #22)

The Float @ Marina Bay sets upon the waterfront with the colourful spectator chairs and the spotlighted green field. Opened in 2007, this is a temporary site in replacement of National Stadium which was undergoing a major renovation at that time. The colourful seats are able to hold 30,000-strong spectators. In addition, we can allow …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Merlion in Sentosa (Singapore Postcard #21)

Located on Sentosa, an island south of mainland Singapore sits the largest Merlion ever constructed. To be exact, it is right beside Imbiah station of the Sentosa Express train. Built in 1995, it stands at a height of 37-metres tall. With a grandeur like this, it is a hard-to-miss In fact, it captures the attention …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Petalcloud Art Sculpture (Postcard #19)

Petalcloud is one-of-a-kind kinetic art sculpture in Changi Airport, Terminal 4. Designed by Art + Com, a German design firm who is also responsible for the Kinetic Rain sculpture in Terminal 1, the designer drew inspiration of the petal of orchid. This centrepiece spans across a 200-metre space that separates the departure and transit area. …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Greenery at Jewel Changi (Postcard #18)

Greening Singapore has always been a consistent effort over the past 50 over years. Likewise, in our latest attraction, Jewel Changi, we also practice our mantra. Way to go on the greenery transforming Singapore from Garden City to a City in a Garden. With greenery at Jewel Changi, while walking around, you will feel like …

Colombia Destination South America Story

The best birthday ever, along the coast of Colombia

Exactly 2 years ago… “Cumpleaños feliz, cumpleaños feliz, te deseamos a ti….” The Spanish birthday song blasted over the speakers in the club. “It’s my birthday today!” I shouted over the loud music into Juan’s* ear, my Colombian friend.  “I don’t believe you!” he yelled back. I took my phone out from his breast pocket …

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