Carrot Cake

Do you know there are no carrots in carrot cakes?

This carrot cake is not a dessert in the form of a slice of cake. This version of carrot cake is also known as chai tow kway locally. So what qualifies this dish as carrot cake when it does not contain carrots in it? The main ingredient in this dish is the steamed radish and radish is known as white carrot hence the name.

We typically eat this for breakfast or as a snack for sharing in between meals.

There are two variations of carrot cakes. The picture above features the black version where the steamed radish is stir-fried together with eggs, preserved radish and sweet sauce to give it a sweet taste.

Whereas the white version is savoury where it is stir-fried with the same ingredients without the sweet sauce.

Which version do you prefer?

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