In case you think that this blog is dead, I can assure you that it is not. It is just that my travels and work are consuming most of  1st quarter of the year.


An intended short solo trip to Langkawi turn out to be a trip for two when Luwee readily agreed to join me for a beach getaway. I cannot express how grateful I was to be travelling with a great companion who also double as my chauffeur and photographer!

My awesome travel companion and I

I have always know Langkawi as a beach destination, seeing it with my own eyes, I wondered what took me so long to get there. Forget about the ridiculously priced resorts on the island, we were there to experience the real Langkawi complete in kampung style. Even random beaches we drove past were so beautiful and everywhere seems like a good spot to catch sunsets. Walking on the beaches barefooted, with fine sands running between the toes, swimming far out into the shallow sea watching sun set beneath the sea was a life pleasure. It reminds me that no matter how touch and sucky life can get sometimes, these are the moment worth embracing and soaking up into.

Even a random beach and look so beautiful!

Public transports are non-existence on the island except for taxis which operates at a fixed price which works out to be rather expensive. Locals rely on cars or scooters to get around thus the feasible way of getting around is to rent a car. My driving skills are pathetically limited with the lack of practice but thank goodness Luwee is ready to go behind the wheels to get us anywhere around the island with her well-season Malaysian feel and a paper map. I cannot imagine how ever can I manage on my own without her, I will probably bump around Pantai Cenang all day long. A good thing is that cars are tax free so it makes driving around more feasible.

our trusty transport

Apart from tax free cars, the island is also known for its duty free alcohol and chocolates. The alcohol enthusiast in me did a little dance for making such a wise choice and who ever says no to quality yet cheap chocolates right?


I blame the beautiful beaches and breathtaking sunsets or just the idea of being on a beach paradise which makes us want to take in as much as possible of the surrounding that our attempt to incorporate work and play in this trip have not been as successful as expected. However that few hours which we spent discussing, setting expectations and directions were on the productive side.

In case you are wondering what work I was talking about, it is not work related to the 9-5 job but rather our own project, a travel website, Must Travel Asia which we aim to provide practical solutions for Asian travellers to travel better. Do check it out for more travel inspirations and guides.

Living like a local

We tried to live as locally as possible, instead of fancy nice beach resorts, we opt for a guesthouse which was smack right in the middle of a Malay kampong. With little light pollution, the bright moon shine upon us casting faint shadows and guided us along the path, crossing a bridge from our guesthouse to a nice little beach bar which was a 7 minutes walk away from our guesthouse. Having the gentle sea breeze blowing against our faces, looking up into a sky filled with plenty of bright shiny stars again, in awe by what nature has presented to us. We spent our night just talking about life, drinking alcohol for me and of course Luwee cannot do without her peanuts. :p

Love this simple beach bar

We ate at random food stores most of the time, indulging in Malaysian favourite dishes which proves to be delicious and going by a true instinct of long queues just cannot go wrong.



Travel Period: 31st January – 3 February 2015

Total leaves taken: 1.5 days
Country: Malaysia
City/ Island: Langkawi
Distance travelled: 724KM


Total number of photos taken: 689

Transportation: S$163.38 (~432.96RM)
Accommodation: S$33.83 (~90RM)
Food: S$43.53 (~115.80RM)
Activity/ Admission/ Sightseeing: S$50.75 (~$135RM)
Service (Massage): S$15.04 (~40RM)
Shopping: S$92.50 (~245RM)

Total expenses: $399.04 (1002.59RM)

Favourite photo

Courtesy of Luwee
Courtesy of Luwee

Best moment

The best moment has got to be the sunset which we caught on the last evening at Pentai Cenang. Sea was calm and the water were shallow enough that we were able to swim wade far out from the beach and watched the sun set beneath the sea, The sun heated up the sea water and the warmth disappear as fast as the sun set. The feeling of being far from the shore, watching the sun set was enchanting, a moment to remember.

Sunset at Pantai Cenang

Worst moment

We booked accommodations from Sandpiper because we did not want to spend too much money on accommodation knowing that we will probably be out most of the time.

I was welcomed into a house and the moment I stepped in to the room we were allocated, I was shocked. Let’s just say it was below my expectation. Obviously I am not expecting world class resort style of accommodation for the price.

It was a typical Malay house with with 2 rooms. It has a living room area which was rather spacious with carpets and a coffee table, behind the house is a back area with washing machine, fridge, basin and a relatively big toilet. The floor is all cemented without any proper tiles.

What shocked me was that we shared a tiny room with no windows for ventilation and we opened the door when we slept at night with our fan switched on so as not to feel too stuffy. The toilet was what Lu wee described as a worker’s dormitory style. It has an area where you contain water and scoop to wash yourself, there were no hooks in the bathroom to place toiletries and clothes however I heave a sigh of relief hen I see the proper shower head which means I can bathe in the modern style.

I had never lived in such environment before so perhaps the shocked. However I was quick to adapt and accepted the reality. Seriously, with 11 bucks a night, is there anything I can complain about? I make do with it and as much as I love lazing on the bed, I was quick to get up and go into action every morning. After all, we just needed a place to shower and sleep.

I guess it just looked different from the website hence the disappointment however it was indeed an experience! The owner was however friendly and well, he own the beach bar where I had a great time at night!

Guesthouse we stayed in
Our tiny room
The blue toilet


Langkawi is such a beautiful paradise and it was hard to believe that such place exist so close to home. I am glad I got to know my neighbour a little better and company of a friend definitely make the experience more wholesome! I seriously would not mind heading back to this beautiful place for a vacation to take my mind off the bustling city and the cheap booze and chocolates are welcoming too.

In another part of Langkawi, Kuah
On the cable car ride
Eagle soaring high
Signature travel jump shot!
Sunrise at Langkawi

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  1. Yeah, right. Nothing beats announcing that you have been busy at work by telling us how awesome your beach escapade is! 😀

    I am ashamed to say that I have yet to set foot on Langkawi as an adult, even when I am working in Penang! My last trip there was for 3 hours when I took the cruise from Singapore to Langkawi and back with the family as a kid. This island seems so awesome now!

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