Well, Finally….
Part 7 of the Taiwan Trip after so long.
Ha, you can’t blame me.
I’m busy.
Yadda, yadda, I’m been so busy with my life, work and drama serials that i’ve neglected about my Taiwan Trip entry.

Well, there’s just this naggy voice inside of me that makes me blog about it.
Do things cannot 半途而废嘛.

Ok, here comes the long story….

Guess what i’ve caught on the TV upon waking up from bed that very morning.

But if I recalled correctly, they did the voice-over themselves.
So it isn’t our actors/actress speaking in their own voice.

A block of flat that is opposite the place where we stay.

Headed for the well-known place named 五分埔 to 大开杀戒.
Oops, i mean to get great bargains on clothes.

Not much photos as we were too busy shopping ourselves away.
Grinning from ear to ear with those great bargains we’ve achieved.
发挥了 our bargaining 精神!

Stopped for a very late lunch at a place opposite 五分埔牛肉汤面.
My 2nd proper meal throughout the whole Taiwan Trip.Well, it’s delicious! =)

Took these while crossing the bridge back to 五分埔 area to continue our shopping.
It looked so much like our ChinaTown in those early days.
Everything felt so close to home yet so far.



Only reached the hotel when the sun sets.
I wish i’ve enough capital to shop non-stop at 五分埔.
If only. *stare into the air dreamily*

Went out at night just to do some last minute shopping.


The very last day of the trip.

Our hotel chauffeur dropped us at 西门町 for the last round of shopping before we bid farewell to Taipei with zero taiwan dollars with us. (Or rather it’s just me.)

The famous 红楼剧场.
Well, it’s in the shape of an octagon.
All those culture performance are done here.
Something like our Victoria Theatre.
It has a 风光 history of its own.

Me with the building as background.

Xuefen in 西门町.

Oh, and how could one forget an important task to try the famous 阿宗面腺 right at the heart of 西门町!
Well, the interesting part of the place is that, everybody stands around the shop and eat.
They do not offer any seats for anybody to eat and dine.

Look, the exit of their MRT station.
It’s in the afternoon of a weekday, yet it’s pretty crowded.
Just like our Orchard MRT exit. =)

Just a video of the hot spot in Taipei, 西门町.

Headed back to the hotel to get ready to leave Tapei for Singapore.

Once again, our hotel chauffeur drove us back to the airport.

On the way…

This is the Mirama Hotel.
I like the architecture of the building.
Very cheena like and it looks so grand.
This is a place those 高官 will 招待宴客.

The very Malaysia-like ticketing system to go through the expressway.

When we’re nearer to the airport, it started pouring.

Can’t wait to board the plane back to Singapore.
Probably i miss home too much.
Plus my sickness during the trip isn’t helping much at all.

However, i do miss Taiwan now.
I do want to go back there some day. =)
More clothes from 五分埔 please.

P.S: Ha, one more last entry after this to conclude the whole trip.

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