Due to the tons of photos, all the grandmother stories i’m going to tell….
I had to split the taiwan trip into lot of different part.
So do keep lookout yeah?


I had a hard time dragging 6 baggages to the car that send us to the airport.
Lucky for me, one of the staff at the hotel was nice enough to help me out.
I felt so though I’m running away to some refugee camp. =X
Very the 俗 lor.

Here is a video clip of me with my bags!!!

Initially, i wanted to check in 2 baggages only.
The hardcase luggage which Wendy lent me and my sister’s blue fila bag.
Then i hand carry 4.

Unfortunately, the person at the airport advised me to check in my gray bag as the airplane people might not even allow me to go through with all my barangs barangs.
So i had to take the risk of flying my gray bag containing all the fragile food without a padlock in the cargo area.
Lucky the airport person was nice enough to help me pasted lots of fragile stickers on my gray bad. Lol
However, when i reached back to Singapore, all the fragile stickers are gone….
Lucky there’re no damage to my food…..

Oh yar, pai seh, this post is suppose to be on my buys!

1st day buys:

Went down to Shihlin Night Market, bought 2 tops for NT$390 which is about S$19.50 at the Shihlin night market.
I like this 2 tops. Heehee…

Plus 2 pair of earrings for NT$100.

2nd day:

Bought 2 pair of footwear.
The white lacy pair of kitten heels from Zhong Xiao Fu Xing underground mall for NT$200 and a pair of Birkiestock for NT$1780.
A very cool looking belt at ShihLin Night Market for NT$500.
A 3M pimper sticker thing and some souvenirs

Bought a hat which i never in a million years thought i would buy.
Got it at Taipei Underground for NT$150 because somehow it really compliments my outfit and i think i looked so kawaii in it!

Dah, this is how i looked like with the kawaii hat.

Bought a super duper big bag at Taipei Main Underground Mall at NT$430.
The stated price was NT$499 but the person quote me the price of NT$450.
But i slashed it to NT$430.
I don’t understand what is the point of slashing 1 Singapore dollar.
I couldn’t do my conversion in time i guess.

Bought some 阿婆铁蛋 and 鱼稣 from DanShui.
The 铁蛋 is really really yummy!!! *thumbs up*
Plus a can of chewing gum for SoonHeng my colleague.
Because he asked me to help him purchase it.
Got it at watson’s.

Bought the 5 lollipops free 1 at ShihLin Night Market for NT$100.

A pair of shades at NT$100 at ShihLin Night Market. =)

3rd day:

Bought all these food at Mirama Entertainment Park.
Yes, there’re some instant noodles to be brought back to Singapore.
Because some flavours Singapore don’t have mah.
Some 凤梨稣, muah chee etc….
The worst part of it is that we could test the food and because i was sick, i lose my sense of taste so had to relie on other comments and instinct to buy the food.
I hope they don’t taste too bad. =X

Ate the cheese dog back in the hotel.
They said it tasted terrible…
Heehee… lucky for me, i couldn’t even taste it. *smirk*

Bought 2 books for my Mama from the Elite 24 hours bookstore.
I absolutely love that place!!!!
Too bad my chinese is actually quite terok enough.
I mean my traditional chinese. Heehee…

Day 4:

Bought so many many tops from Wu Fen Pu!

Bought a jumper which i also never though i would buy.
However it’s cute enough and 2 shorts!
All from Wu Fen Pu too…

A bag from Wu Fen Pu which cost me NT$150.
Heehee… I think my bargaining skills stil not too bad. *grinz*

A gold pair of kitten heels from the place which i bought my jumper.
Cost me NT$355 I think.

A pair of canvas shoe from the FuXing underground mall.
Bought these pair at the same place i bought my lacy white pair of kitten heels.
This pair cost me NT$320.

Bought so many hairbands!
Ha, most are giveaways lah.
The hairbands also not cheap. =/

As compared to mine, Xuefen things are relatively lesser.
See her buys are all here.
We’ve got the same taste therefore we bought a pair of shorts same design but in different colour and the bag of the same pattern, but different design together.
Great mind thinks alike! Heehee…

Seriously, it’s the 1st time i really 疯狂购物!
Even back here in Singapore, my shopping spree is not like this.
The things there are cheap as compared to Singapore and the best part is that i could slash price!
Implusive shopping…. but it feels good while it last. =)

Day 5:

Did some last minute shopping.
In case i’ve forgotten anybody.
Buy food, buy accessories and get some cute souvenirs.

Bought Choya and Carlberg from the DFS at the airport.
Kaoz, i buy wrongly.
I wanted to take Heineken instead. *pout*
I hardly drink Carlberg, I still prefer Heineken.

Bought Mister Donut from Breeze Centre andthey flew the plane all the way home.

You had to consume them fresh.
Therefore can’t just leave them there.

Yes yes, that’s about it.
Some other buys, too lazy to take.
But mostly those i left out are the souvenirs pictures.


When i reported back to work yesterday.
My boss and some colleagues were shocked to see me back!
They thought i would only report back to work on Monday.
Hahaha, i should have taken another day off lah.
People also never notice.

Anyway, my boss told me something.

Boss: 以后不要去 holiday 了啦….你看你回来后那么忙。要出国的时候也忙, 回来的时候也忙 如果不出国就不会那么忙了。

Me: Er….没有啦。。。 不同的。。。

Boss: 去Holiday 去 relax 几天后, 回来更忙…

Me: 没有啊。。。 去Holiday也没有去relax. 也没有好好的休息.每天就是 chiong chiong chiong 也是很累的。

Boss: 不过是不用想做工的事. 但是你去的是 free and easy 的?

Me: 嗯 *nod head*

Boss: See, 是不是应该 take it easy的?那么匆忙做什么?

Me: *-.-”’* 不同的! 如果要休息的话, 在新加坡在家里休息算了。

So bo liao.

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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  1. gal, i think ur boss jealous u go for holiday.. wat has it got to do with him/her if u’re in time to complete your work. kaoz.

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