Here in Singapore, we celebrate Mothers’ Day on 2nd Sunday of every May to show appreciation to our mums for their endless love, support and sacrifices.

This month, Pam goes travelling is running a Mother’s Day campaign in which travel bloggers from around the world share on their travel experiences with their mums.

Today, I have Vlad from Eff It I’m On Holiday to share with us on his travels with his mum. Vlad is a traveler from Romania who has been passionate about visiting new places ever since childhood, when he used to explore his home country during the endless summers. Nowadays, with a full time job, he makes the most of his annual leave, discovering wonderful places all over Europe.

1) Where have you travelled to with your mum?

I was a kid the first time I travelled somewhere with my parents was when we began exploring our home country, Romania. What initially started as just visiting the grandparents quickly turned into two-week road trips discovering beautiful places. When I was in college we went abroad and spent a week in Paris, this place has quickly stolen my mom’s heart and became her all-time favorite. Since then, we have seen together many parts of Spain and Portugal, my all-time favorites.


2) How has your mum inspires you on your travels?

I have my mom to thank for passing the travel bug gene on to me and the restless feet that make it impossible for me to stay in one place for too long. I have also learned how to be organized and plan the perfect trip, something that my friends love about me.

3) How different/ similar is your mum’s travelling style as compared to yours?

We are both pretty similar and we generally like the same things. For instance, we will choose exploring a city over a day at the beach any time where we would get bored fast and we would know that there are better ways to spend the time. However, I think mom is more cautious when it comes to a new destination and likes to read a lot beforehand, while I tend to leave room for the element of surprise.


4) What kind of activities you both love and agree on without compromising?

As I have previously learned, the key to a good trip is to balance the activities so that everyone is happy and this is what we aim to achieve every time. We always find things we all love and balance the ones that only some of us enjoy: record stores for me, stadium visits for dad, art museums for mom. 😉


5) What was the most memorable moment during one of those travels?

There were many memorable moments throughout the years, from summer evenings relaxing on the porch of our rental apartment in Algarve to getting soaking wet in Barcelona. Still, nothing beats the feeling we had the first day in Paris which was also the first day abroad for my mom and I. That saying ‘like a kid at Christmas’ could not be truer.


6) Did you learn something new about your mum when you travel with her and what was it?

I believe we have gotten closer while traveling, sharing a mutual passion. Some people may not like to travel with their parents, but I love it. I can always tell them that we’ll leave the hotel early in the morning and spend the whole day walking and exploring a new city and their answer will be “ok, cool!”. Although I have not learned this while travelling, I found out that mom has always wanted to visit Marrakech, just like me. 😀

7) Where is the next destination you intend to travel with your mum and why?

We are currently exploring the beautiful tiny country of Malta. I know it is my mom’s dream to visit Rome so I will try my best to make that happen as soon as possible. Also, given our love for Portugal and the ocean, we would love to visit Madeira one day.


Thank you Vlad for sharing on your travel trips around Europe with your mum. Stay tune for the next post of Mothers’ Day Special on Pam goes travelling!

Where have you travelled with your mum?

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