Just 4 days ago, we celebrated Mothers’ Day in Singapore to rejoice our mothers for their sacrifices they made and their unconditional love.

Today, Debby, an Indonesian travel blogger who writes at My Time Capsule to share on her travel stories with her mum.

1) Have you been travelling much with your mum?

Most of the time I travel not only with Mum but also my Dad and younger sister. I did some solo travelling during my two years studying in Europe. Other than that, every year we plan to visit some places or countries we have never been to before. So far we have visited 44 countries in 5 continents. Solo travel is fun but sharing the joy of travelling with my family is definitely one of best feelings ever!


2) How has your mum inspires you on your travels?

Mom inspires me to always live life to the fullest. Mom and Dad are travel junkie and they introduced me to travelling lifestyle since I was a baby. When I was only one month old, they took me on a road trip from Malang to Bali (about 10 hours driving plus a ferry ride). Then I started to be a globetrotter since I was one year old because Mom and Dad always take me everywhere they travel to. Mom teaches me to be strong, independent and also flexible to face and to adapt to changing circumstances.


3) What kind of activities you both love and agree on without compromising?

It has gotta be sampling some local food and shopping in traditional markets! My Mom and I love food so much and the best place to find authentic food would be traditional markets where we can also learn about locals daily life.

4) What was the most memorable moment during one of those travels?

We were travelling to Yunan province in China when my sister and I got Dengue Fever. Our condition was so bad that we could barely walk. To make it worse, our itinerary was moving from one city to another. Mum did her best to take care of us though it was not easy to get medications in some remote areas. My Mum is the real super hero! 😀


5) Did you learn something new about your mum when you travel with her and what was it?

As she gets older, her walking pace become slower and naturally I have to adjust my own pace too. Sometimes it is not easy because I tend to walk very fast when I am excited to explore new places. But then I realized, when I was little I certainly walked very slow and she had been really patient with me. So it is time for me now to support her no matter what.


6) Where is the next destination you intend to travel with your mum and why?

We would really love to explore some countries in South America. Both of us are very fond of old classic Catholic church. I am pretty sure there are abundant of beautiful Cathedrals in South America. The thing is, this continent is very far from Indonesia. We need more than 30 hours journey to reach there. In addition, my Mom is not in her best condition for long journey now so we gotta find some ways to solve this out ☺

DebandMum003 DebandMum006

Debbzie Leksono is a travel junkie, foodie, shutterbug and animal lover who shares her stories on www.debbzie.com. Living a semi-nomadic life since birth, she never limits herself to only a certain way of traveling. As a backpacker who slept in a train station bench or as a tourist who has stayed in luxury hotels, she has done it all. Why choose only one if you can experience it all? Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | G+

Thank you Deb for sharing on your stories. Have you been travelling with your mum too and how was the experience?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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