Atlas Bar - Top 50 bars in the world

The Great Gatsby party inspired Art Deco bar, Atlas will take your breath away after you push past the door of the Gothic Parkview Square building.

The three-storey high centrepiece contains a splendid collection of gins. With more than 1,300 gins available, it is only right that the bar serves a wide selection of gin-based cocktails. Fear not if gin is not your thing as there are other options in their extensive drinks menu. Atlas also offers rare collections of wines, champagnes and whiskies.

It is truly a place to immerse yourself in with glass on alcohol on hand.

A place with such unique interior and kickass drinks menu have won Atlas the top 50 bars in the world at 8th position in 2018, putting Singapore at the international stage with bars from London and New York.

To visit a place of such grandeur, it requires a Smart Casual dress code. Slippers and shorts are not allowed in the Atlas bar.

Pamela Loh

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