Hello there! Still in the first month of 2018 so there is still time to make and refine those resolutions.

Once again, as the tradition goes for the past 6 years. For the 7th time, I spent my new year abroad. This time, it was in Lima, Peru. There was no crazy partying nor havoc celebration. Celebrated the New Year with my friends, Lola and Miguel as we caught fireworks by the Pacific Ocean and head for a beer after.

New Year 2018
New Year 2018

The year has been good so far. I have been in Peru for more than a month and I will be leaving in a couple of days.

A quick run-down on my travel itinerary for this year so far.

I was dying to get out of Lima by then which I eventually did on the first day of the year.

Left Lima for an uncharacterised town, Paracas for wildlife spotting. Then to desert in Huacachina, a little oasis 10 minutes from Ica for sand boarding and thrilling buggy ride. They were one of my favourite activities in Peru by far.

Sunset by the desert
Sunset by the desert

A 3 hours bus ride from Ica brought me to Nazca for those mysterious Nazca lines which puzzled many on its existence.

Survived a 15 hours bus ride to Nazca to Cusco, the capital of ancient Inca Empire. Despite the climate, I enjoyed Cusco as I made my mark in Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain.

I had a bad taste in the mouth on my way back from Machu Picchu to Cusco though. I was stuck in a mini-van with 15 other people (including the driver) that were meant for 12 people. We were being escorted by the driver as he was driving through the mountainous road when nightfall. I was relieved to return back to Cusco late that night without giving in to the demand of the driver.

Weekend trip to Pisac was one of the best times in 2018 with so much realisation and senses awakened. I discovered my love obsession with food. It was where I witnessed true love and simple happiness.

Perfect day in Pisac
Perfect day in Pisac

Then I moved along to Arequipa, visited some attractions and good coffee places in the city. Spent 3 days 2 nights trekking down the second deepest canyon in the world, Colca Canyon. The trek challenged me both mentally and physically especially due to a bad knee. Put a city girl into nature with only basic amenities where even electricity is a luxury is not an easy feat. But hey, I survived!

As of this time that I am writing this post, I am in Puno. This is the last city that I am visiting in Peru where I will visit Lake Titicaca tomorrow before making my way out to my 20th country, Bolivia.


In 2018, there are no big plans. I will return home while trying to figure out the next step.

I need to return home. To feast on all those unhealthy yet delicious food. Meet up with my friends who have been supporting my dreams and despite the distance, I know they are a text away. Sleep on my comfortable bed under my parent’s roof.

No matter where I stray, I know where home is and I am grateful for it.

This year, I started it with a blast. My dreams to travel and desires are unlimited. I am currently living on extra time to fulfil my desire to travel, experience new things and meet awesome people.

When I return home, I am not having any expectations for the rest of the year so that I would be able to receive everything with a sense of gratitude.

Still, having said, here are resolutions which I want to realise this year.

1) Rebuild my savings account

Coming to South America created a dent in my bank account (ouch!) but it was all worth it. I need to devise plans to accumulate my savings again. For rainy days and for future travelling plans.

2) Travel South East Asia

I know the feet will start to itch soon after reaching home. Let’s just be realistic that if I do travel, I can only afford to travel within South East Asia. In addition, I would love to visit some friends and ease the wanderlust.


3) Have some standards.

Stop being the Miss Nice all the time (Alright, I admit I am not exactly a Miss Nice all the time but……). Stop being taken for granted by people who do not deserve the kindness. Nor should I compromise in situations where people are clearly taking advantages.

4) Improve my Spanish (at least get my indicative conjugations of those commonly used words in my brain)

Hanging out with English speaking travellers are not helping my Spanish but I am not complaining! Nevertheless, I need to brush up my Spanish and there is a need to continue practising when I return home. I need to be diligent!

Perhaps also sign up for a Spanish class this year!

5) Master the piano piece, Marriage D’Amor

Years without touching the wooden polished blacks and whites on the piano left my musical cognition rusty. If there is a song that I want to master this year, it got to be Marriage D’Amor because it is one of my favourite pieces.

There you go. 5 resolutions for the year.


I am excited to see how the year will turn out for me since I am leaving my options open and I am ready to embrace it all. Courage, faith and positivity are my essentials for 2018.

Ready to take on the year!
Ready to take on the year!

Have you set your resolutions for 2018 and what are they?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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