Hello, twenty-seventeen! New year, new hopes and new goals. Starting the year with a clean slate of paper.

Just like the past 5 years, I like to celebrate my new year overseas. This year, I spent it in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was not a typical holiday that gets filled with just delicious food and shopping. I climbed up to Broga Hill, visited Batu Cave and also attended a light festival in Putrajaya.

Breaking dawn. The last sunrise in 2016.
Breaking dawn – last sunrise in 2016.

The theme for the year will be YOLO, You Only Live Once. Often, we are so accustom living in our comfort zone. The older we grow, the more reluctant we are to changes. I want the year to be one that is full of adventures, excitements and challenges. I want to be able to get out of the comfort zone, push myself to do something new. Overcome fears, reduce self-doubts and reduce the procrastination. I wonder if there is ever a cure. Believe in myself. Stop finding excuses and say YES. Fake it until you make it, that’s the motto.

Experience something new can be exhilarating.
Experience something new can be exhilarating.

Here are the 5 resolutions which I have set for myself to achieve this year.

1) Venture into a new environment

I do not have a clear, specific direction to this resolution. Like I mentioned earlier, being in the comfort zone too long is not good. Life is a little too mundane now, the restless soul craves for something new.

2) Community work

Life is not just filling up the pocket with money, it is to care and share with others who are sharing this planet with us. Giving back to the community by volunteering is a good way and it can start from home. The thing is, anyone can give donations but how many people can give their time? This requires commitment and being a commitment-phobia person, it scares me. Perhaps I will look into volunteering some hours this year.

3) Learn how to bake and start baking

Although I did two years of home economics lessons in secondary school, my baking experience is near zero. This year, I want to learn how to bake and start making some sinful goodies. Alright, maybe there are some healthier alternative ingredients which will be beneficial of course.

4) Refresher course to gain back the confidence in driving

One of the reasons why I am not keen to drive is because of fear. The fear and knowing that I have poor judgement on the road is hindering my drive to drive (pun intended). I need to conquer the fear, have some faith in my road judgement and gain the confidence. The ultimate goal is to do road trips when I travel.

5) Write at least 1 post a month

Last year I only wrote a total of 5 posts, that was pathetic. This year, I aim to write one post per month. It is not that I am lack of topics, it is more like I allow procrastination to wallop me most of the time.

Five resolutions it will be and let’s see how I progress towards each of them.

10 years ago I picked up running because I believe it would help to instil the discipline I lack. Now, I am a regular runner and gym-goer. It just proves that introducing an activity in my life do not help in my disciplinary. I have just grown accustomed to having an active lifestyle.

Having active lifestyle is not enough. I want to focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle too.  I still love my fried food, sweet desserts and alcohol is my greatest vice. It does not mean I will give them all up to ‘eat clean’. It just means I will take them in moderation, make the conscious effort to keep a balanced diet. Finding healthier alternatives and make better choices.

I want to travel far and wide, exploring different countries and new cities. I do not have any concrete plans yet. Europe is calling out for me as usual. Luring me like a charming seductive lover, making me lust and yearn to go back to his arms. Judging from this year’s outlook, chances of going to Europe is bleak. I have not decided where to travel solo this year and I am pumped about a trip I may be taking westward. That will depend if the stars align. Any suggestions on where to go for a solo trip preferably for a week?

Last but not least, I do not wish for the year to be smooth-sailing, it should not be. All I wish is to have the strength and courage to overcome the unknown. Come out alive in the twelveth month a better and wiser person.


How has your year have been so far and what are your new year resolutions?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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