A 5 days 4 night company incentive team building trip to Taiwan. We barely had time for Taipei as we only stayed a night, spent the rest of our days in Kaohsiung. Thank goodness for the high speed railway train which enable us to travel between Taipei and Kaohsiung in approximately 1.5 hours unlike our luggages which were transported between the 2 places by the tour bus which took was about a 4-5 hours journey.

Although it was my third trip to Taiwan, it was my first guided tour and my first time to Kaohsiung too! The plus points of being in a guided tour is that I learnt new facts about Taiwan which I never knew before and I can just enjoy myself without worrying about any logistic issue which is one of the most challenging part when planning for free and easy trips. The down side is that I have to stick to a time-table which I do not have a choice but to blindly follow.

Our trip was handled by a reputable travel agency however not just me, a guided tour noob, other colleagues also had the same thought that the trip could be better organised with a better itinerary.

The best part about this guided trip was that meals are inclusive. There are times where we are ‘let out’ to roam around on our own (e.g night markets), we are given an allowance between 500NTD to 700NTD for food. Where else do you go on trip with flight and accommodation all paid for and given meal allowance too?

As the name suggest, team building. Hanging out with colleagues outside office in a stress-free and work-free environment certainly help us to know one another better. It was a fruitful trip because I ticked off some missions I want to do for this trip.

Mission 1: Flying with Singapore Airline

It has always been my little wish since young to fly with the highly-raved reputable Singapore Airline.

I was ecstatic when I found out that we will be flying our very own national carrier to Taiwan. My childhood wish came true!


I was kinda disappointed with my omelette brunch they served on the way to Taipei, I was expecting tastier food than that. Other than that, I like their constant supply of drinks and huge collection of  in flight entertainment.

Mission 2: Stinky Tofu

I had been craving for stinky tofu since a few months back. I made myself promise to have stinky tofu every night in the night markets.

I even manage to have stinky tofu on the last day before flying back. 5 days straight of stinky tofu, I hope it will curb my crave until the next time I smell it again!


Mission 3: 鼎王麻辣锅 (Ding Wang Spicy Steamboat)

麻辣 (Ma La) is a kind of spiciness that is made of chilli oil and a certain pepper which will somehow numb your tongue if you accidentally bite on the seed. A unique spicy taste.

鼎王麻辣锅 is a chain steamboat restaurant that have branches all over Taiwan. Their very first shop was opened in Taichung. It has one of the best 麻辣 steamboat (way better than those we have in Singapore anyway.) Ever since I was brought there on my previous trip to Taiwan, I vow to return to one of the branches for another awesome eating experience.

I thought the chance of eating this is slim however I think luck (and fats) are on my side because sightseeing was cancelled on one of the days due to typhoon hence it became a free day to roam around and we made it to one of the branch in Kaohsiung.


Mission 4: 金轩排骨 (Jin Xuan Pai Gu)

金轩排骨 (Jin Xuan Pai Gu) is located in Ximending, 台北市万华区汉中街52号B2 (B2, No. 52, Hànzhōng St, Wanhua District). Their signature dish, fried pork rib is one of the best I have EVER eaten.

The crispy part was fried to perfection and meat inside is tenderly soft. Eat it with the sauce is just heavenly!


My crave was satisfied for a while now.

Mission 5: Clubbing in Taiwan

In my previous 2 trips to Taiwan, I packed clubbing clothes but I never made it to any clubs. This time round,  I told my colleagues we had to make it happen.


Third time lucky and I have spontaneous party animal colleagues, I made it to the clubs not once but twice. The first clubbing experience was kind of disastrous as the club was pretty empty on a Thursday. Not willing to accept the disastrous clubbing experience, with hotel receptionist recommendation, I found myself standing outside a dodgy-looking club. With nothing to lose except the cover charge of 150NTD, It is sort-of an underground club which seems kinda interesting and cool. It was indeed an experience, a good place to observe all the dancing, kissing and grinding on the dance floor. Now, I can finally strike clubbing off my to-do list in Taiwan.

5 missions accomplished.

Do you make a to-do/ to eat list when you travel?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

Come say hi!

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