Here is the story of how I became the tourist guide in Singapore. 

I became a licensed tourist guide because of my passion for travelling, just like the purpose of starting this blog. 

Often when I travel overseas, I would meet people from all around the world and some became friends. When they visit Singapore, I would show them around.

However, what I could do is that I will only point out certain things and my commentary will go something like that, “This is the Singapore River and can you see that white statue there? He was the guy who founded modern Singapore. And look! That is the Fullerton Hotel, isn’t it gorgeous?”

Let’s just say, those were underwhelming information. I was not very impressed with myself either! What about the history and tales that go beyond that? I want to enhance their experiences and gain new perspective about Singapore and excite them. Thus, I signed up for the tourist guide course and underwent training and voila, in less than a year, I made it as a certified English-speaking tourist guide with Singapore Tourism Board.

Today, I am always happy to show people to show people around this island, share my stories, experiences as well as showing the good, the bad and the slice of life in Singapore. 

Pam goes travelling