May is almost coming to an end, after sharing what other travel bloggers have to say about travelling with their mums, today I am going to take over and share on my travel experience with my mum.

1) Where have you travelled to with your mum?

My mum and I travelled to Bangkok twice, once was with my late grandma, uncle and aunt was I was twelve, another time was almost 8 years back with my sister and her friend. Recently, I brought my mum back to Penang for a short vacation. It is a significant place to me because that was where she brought me to when I was six. This recent trip to Penang somehow signifies how much I have grown all these years and the reverse role we play where she took care of me when I was young and now, vice versa.


2) How different/ similar is your mum’s travelling style as compared to yours?

Just like me, my mum is able to handle the budget style of travelling, due to her frugal nature which I believe have influence me in my growing up years. We both love to walk and my mum has pretty good stamina that she put me to shame when I panted after ascending some really long stairs to get to a temple and she was still going strong.

However my mum is one who prefers packaged tour or at least let others plan out everything from food, to accommodation, transport and day-to-day itinerary. All she needs to do is to show up, tag along and enjoy herself and not be trouble herself with the logistic part of travelling.

I, on the other hand is someone who dislike all-in travel packaged tours from tour agencies. I enjoy travelling free and easy way, research and build my own itinerary, make my own decision and leave the rest to spontaneity.

Both of us are adventurous in our own ways but my mum is a little more cautious person while I am those “come what may” traveller who tend to be carried away in the moment sort of person.

My mum is able to walk on this reflexology path painlessly while I was tagging along behind screaming as my sole land on the stones as though I was stepping onto some hot fire.

3) What kind of activities you both love and agree on without compromising?

Eating and shopping, no doubt.

Although I have not travelled much or long together with my mum but these are kind of activities which the both of us are quick to agree on. We are able walk into a random shop and start browsing, not necessary to buy anything but it makes us happy. Food is another thing we can easily convince each other to eat, anytime, anywhere. Although we both were a little picky with our food (no beef or sashimi for my mum and no beansprouts, pumpkins, parsley garnishing for me) but I dare say we are usually adventurous with food.

Shopping time!
Shopping time!

4) What was the most memorable moment during one of those travels?

My mum is Chinese educated therefore her English is rather limited as she can only manage simple English. In addition, she also has some fear in speaking the language. She relies heavily on the people she travels with to help her with the communication unless it is in a Mandarin speaking environment.

When we travelled to Bangkok, she eyed on a bag that she liked and wanted us to help haggle the item with the seller. However my sister and I stand firm and told her that she had to try doing it herself and busied ourselves selecting our purchases from another shop.

With no choice, she had to communicate with the seller and successfully purchase the bag which she liked at a lower price. I could feel that she had this sense of accomplishment when she handed the money over. I am proud of her that she is able to overcome the language barrier under such circumstances and is able to do it without our help.

My Mum! 🙂

5) Did you learn something new about your mum when you travel with her and what was it?

They are right when they said a person act differently at home and while travelling. When my mum is home, she is a little more controlling. When her plans gets disrupted, she would be pissed and make a big fuss out of it. However when she is travelling, she is more easy-going. I reckon that is because she has make no plans of her own hence she is more agreeable to the activities or sightseeing destinations which I plan and even if there are last minute change of plan, she will be alright and go with the flow. Therefore I concluded it is about managing her expectations, if she has certain expectations or make certain plans, I should give her enough notice before hand so as she can make adjustment and she will be fine.

A shot we took in Penang

6) Where is the next destination you intend to travel with your mum and why?

There are no travel plans between my Mum and I at the moment although she expressed her interest to travel to Japan a few weeks after our Penang trip because her friend mention that flights to Japan are rather affordable now and the exchange rate is good. I am not sure, we will see. If there are any plans, it will probably happen next year because my travel plans for this year is 80% firm and it is rather difficult to squeeze in another vacation anytime soon.


Have you been travelling with your mum and have you learn something new about her through travelling?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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