With 2016 coming to a close, it’s also time to do my review of the year as part of my annual ritual.


1) Getting priorities right

Hmm…getting what? Priorities? With a grand total of 5 posts, that says a lot about priorities. My priorities are always shifting. Really, it is bad. Many times streaming videos online, catching Pokemons and other stuff that came along the way becomes the priority. How can I even get it right?

2) Run Sundown Marathon

I have been running since 2007, started from 5km, moved on to 10km, then half marathon. For many years I was not able to move from half to a full marathon. Something was hindering me. It was fear! Fear was holding me back as I had too many worries and concerns at the back of my head. Will I be able to complete it? What if I was not able to make it to the cut-off time? What if my body cannot take it? There are just too many what ifs. If you notice, for many years I listed to run a full marathon on my new year goals but I never ever made it happen. Took the plunge and signed up for the full marathon just to unlock the achievement, get it over and done with.

On 29th May, I am officially a full marathon finisher. My first and possibly last full marathon. I finally did it! Now I can stop writing about completing a marathon as my yearly goals and one thing off the bucket list!

3) learn how to cook a Chinese/ Singaporean dish

Last year I ventured into the kitchen to try some cooking but this year I did less of it. I am out more often for food hunt instead of being a homey enough to cook. By the time I got home, I will be way too lazy to step into the kitchen and make a mess.

4) finish the course I am currently undertaking then move on to pick up a new skill/ language after.

I have announced the news on my social media but not yet on my blog is that I am now a licensed tourist guide (TG) of Singapore.

Started the course in November last year. The course was for a duration of 6 months and I took the practical test by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in August this year and received the guiding licence.


Since then, I have also utilised my skillsfuture credit to learn Spanish. Yes, I finally got down to it and completed level 1 of Spanish language course on 10th December. Thus, on track yo!

5) Spend more time with family

Despite the busy weekends, I managed to spend some time with my parents, bringing them out for meals occasionally. We even had a short family trip, the FIRST ever trip together to Bangkok. Delighted to bring my parents, not just to Bangkok but also onto an adventure by taking the train to Kanchanaburi. The older I grow, the more important my family is to me, although sometimes they still annoy me as much as I annoy them.

Loh’s first family trip ever, not easy but we survived. I love my family! ❤️

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Concluding 2016

With 3/5 completed, it’s a pass (if 50% is the passing rate). I need to work on getting my priorities right and eventually learn how to cook a Chinese/ Singaporean dish one day!

Apparently getting my priorities right has always been a challenge. The takeaway from a one day course I attended last month was that I am a typical Enneagram Type 7, the Enthusiast. Spontaneous, restless, quick to obsession and lack of focus as a result of being scattered, these traits are totally me. Perhaps it is time to accept this part of me as they are part of my personality. Is there a way to change your personality? There MUST BE a way to bring my focus to the goals and not to stray away.

Learning how to cook a Chinese/ Singaporean dish will not be my priority for next year (Speaking about getting my priorities right. HAHA!). Just bought a brand new microwave oven that comes with convection and grill function which means I can start baking and making saliva-drooling food that I have seen on Tasty and Tastemade facebook videos. They make cooking looks so easy peasy. Made baked salmon with brussel sprout and tomatoes. It was very tasty if I say so myself. At least they tasted much better than baking in an oven toaster. Hopefully, I will put it to good use and continue my cooking adventure.

First attempt with the Microwave Oven
First attempt with the Microwave Oven


Squeezed in four trips this year despite the course schedules and work. Solo trip to Europe in January, a short trip with the family to Bangkok in April, a beach vacation and explored Central Vietnam in July and finally a trip to Fiji in November because it is my dream destination! I am designated to be a world explorer. Most of the weekends, when I am not out of Singapore, I relieved those itchy feet by exploring our own backyard, being a local tourist. It is essential for the TG course I was undertaking and I developed a deeper love for the country of my birth. No longer do I see Singapore as a boring island with only shopping malls and more shopping malls. There are more to Singapore than just shopping, melting pot of different cultures and history were what made Singapore who we are today. I appreciate the efforts made by various government agencies to hype up events in Singapore such as the Singapore Night Festival, Writers Festival and Singapore Heritage Fest. The new found love with a deeper understanding is definitely one of the greatest gains this year.

Not just did I travel overseas, I also explored home
Not just did I travel overseas, I also explored home.


My livers are still able to process all the alcohol I consumed, kidneys are still able to flush out the toxins, the pair of lungs are healthy enough for me to take in fresh air, the brain is still functioning well enough for me to make decision and think about random stuff and the heart working non-stop pumping blood to other parts of my body and keeping me alive. Oh well, you get the idea. I am thankful to be in the pink of health. Nothing is more important than being healthy as it empowers me to chase my desires.

So I can go on adventures.

Work is business as usual. One of the greatest things is that meetings no longer overrun, that make us more productive. I am getting so use to the groove already.

Lifestyle & Personal Development

I tried my best to be as disciplined as possible to lead an active lifestyle. Combining cardio, stretching and strength training, to make me fitter, have more flexibility and stronger. What is challenging is to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Far too many late nights and junks binging. ?

one of my greatest vice, alcohol.
one of my greatest vice, alcohol.

Embarking on TG course was one of the best things that change my lifestyle, in a good way. Last time I used to sleep till late during weekends because my classes on Saturday required me to report at 8.45am with ready to be delivered information which I usually researched on the night before. It can be quite stressful and by the time field trips finished at 1 pm, I will be completely drained and ready to get back home to sleep. Slowly my body adapted to waking up early and I get less tired as the day got by. After the course ended, Saturday mornings felt empty, so the journey of self-learning and going for tours continued to fuel my mornings. I am glad to have a group of passionate friends to do this with me. Eventually when I started my Spanish language course in October, waking up for classes on Saturdays were no longer a chore with the ’training’ I had with TG course. My weekends begin to be filled with more meaningful things and sometimes I even wake up before noon on Sundays too.

Jane's Walk - Disappearing Singapore in May this year.
Jane’s Walk – Disappearing Singapore in May this year.


I didn’t have the luck in winning contests and lucky draws this year. It is also because I did not join that many this year. I see it as a good thing in not winning too because you know there is a saying, you win some, you lose some. If I’m not winning then I’m not losing too right? Haha…

This year I bade goodbye to my Ah Gong and an uncle. Festive gatherings are no longer the same anymore. ?

Overall it has been an eventful year. The greatest accomplishment was obtaining my license to start guiding. I worked extremely hard for it so I am pleased with the end result.

Rocking 2016 and I will continue to rock on!
Rocking 2016 and I will continue to rock on!

Cheers to 2016, it all ends well. I am ready to bid farewell and welcome a brand new year.

How was your 2016? What have you set out to accomplished and have you achieve your goals?

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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