Congratulations because we made it through yet another year! 😀


After my very exciting year in 2012, I was not exactly looking forward to 2013 and by October this year, I declared that I am ready for the new year. I am not saying that this is a bad year, it’s not, it is just mediocre. I have themed 2013 to be a year of randomness and spontaneity however I think I did not meet my own expectation of being random.

With just a day more in 2013 to go, time to conclude this not very random 2013. Starting off with the resolutions.

2013 Resolutions (extracted from my outdated personal blog)

1) After creating a huge dent in my bank account with all those travelings in 2012, time to mend the hole in my bank account. Save more money!

Ok, this is a very vague resolution. Seeing the bank account grows at an extremely slow rate each month is better than seeing the numbers decreasing or not moving at all right? So I guess I did ok for this. 

2) I used to enjoy reading but with technology surrounding me everyday, I find it so difficult to just pick up a book and read. I need to complete at least 3 books this year.

I almost thought I was not able to complete this resolution but hey, at the final 2 months, I manage to catch up and well, this year till date, I have completed 6 books! 

3) I have been eating too much and exercise too little in 2012, it is time to eat lesser and exercise more. Need to maintain the weight for 2013!

Oh no! I have failed terribly at this one! I did the exact opposite. I ate more, and exercise less. 

4) Be more positive and worry less. I must have the confidence.

I am still the same old me. 

Well, so all in all, I barely make it through the year with 2 out of the 4 resolutions for the year. See, just like my year, my achievements are mediocre as well. Hey, I will try and do better for the upcoming year!

Snapshot of the year worth of happenings. 



Welcome in the year in Taiwan with stopover in Taipei celebrating with thousands of people and superstars like Aaron Kwok and A Mei at the countdown concert just beside the prominent Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 Fireworks
Counting down to 2013 with Fireworks at Taipei 101


I finally got to travel again at company’s expenses after a 6 months travel drought. Incentive trip to Taiwan. I made it to Taiwan twice this year. At least I got to go Kaohsiung which I had never been before and had achievement unlock for having stinky tofu every single day of the trip!

At Taipei101 observatory
At Taipei101 observatory level


2 weeks after I came back from Taiwan, I checked myself into the airport again. This time to United Kingdom, a place I had been dreaming for a while. I made it there,  Solo backpacker achievement unlocked.

Famous Tower Bridge
Famous Tower Bridge


It was my friends who helped me win a pair of air tickets from Tigerair to Chiang Mai. I am lucky that it coincide with my birthday so it is pretty special to me. I had a great time there and I know I will be back again!

Elephant Trekking
Elephant trekking, no more!

In less than a week, I made a short trip to Kuala Lumpur. It is not so much of your typical eating and shopping but rather to attend a Asia Women Empowerment conference on my own. The assurance that it is not necessary to conform to social norms is comforting.

Wandered into KLCC with the new friends
Wandered into KLCC with the new friends


I will be ending the year by being in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Trust me, 2 months ago, I have no idea this place exist. It is not the usual big cities with exciting countdowns and fireworks but I am looking forward to it. I want to continue my tradition for the third year by counting down in a foreign land. I want to explore and experience this beauty of this place.

Healthy Lifestyle

I failed badly at this department. I only manage to do a half marathon this year. I trained way lesser than the previous year and I am blaming the long hours I put in at work. Alright, I have to admit I am not as discipline as I use to be.

Sundown half marathon completed
Sundown half marathon completed

I failed to learn any new sports and I hardly go cycling anymore.

Concerts/ Performance

This year, I splurged on quite a number of concerts and performances.


Stained – a musical production my cousin played a role in


Glass Anatomy
Glass Anatomy – a Chinese musical


Opus Jay 2013 World Tour
Opus Jay 2013 World Tour
Mayday Nowhere Tour Singapore 2013
Mayday Nowhere Tour Singapore 2013


Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera


Besides splurging on concerts and performances, I also spend spend quite a bomb in the name to quit my nails biting habit. Here are some of the nail designs that made me a happy (and vain) lady.


PolkaDots Nautical



New portfolio is assigned to me this year. It is definitely more challenging but it is a good year. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow.


I am once again thankful for there is no major illness, except for those usual cold and flu. Being in the pink of health is important to achieve all of the above.

Concluding the year

Another year just past me by. I failed to achieve anything significant for myself. Ever since I graduated last year, there are no little milestones or goals to work towards. Travelling became my only source my motivation. Life is mundane. I perhaps need to reevaluate my life and directions. I need goals, achievable ones. I need to continue exploring all the possibilities.

It is time to reflect and make 2014 a better and more exciting year.

How is your 2013? I hope it is way better than mine.


Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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