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Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Petalcloud Art Sculpture (Postcard #19)

Petalcloud is one-of-a-kind kinetic art sculpture in Changi Airport, Terminal 4. Designed by Art + Com, a German design firm who is also responsible for the Kinetic Rain sculpture in Terminal 1, the designer drew inspiration of the petal of orchid. This centrepiece spans across a 200-metre space that separates the departure and transit area. …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Greenery at Jewel Changi (Postcard #18)

Greening Singapore has always been a consistent effort over the past 50 over years. Likewise, in our latest attraction, Jewel Changi, we also practice our mantra. Way to go on the greenery transforming Singapore from Garden City to a City in a Garden. With greenery at Jewel Changi, while walking around, you will feel like …

Colombia Destination South America Story

The best birthday ever, along the coast of Colombia

Exactly 2 years ago… “Cumpleaños feliz, cumpleaños feliz, te deseamos a ti….” The Spanish birthday song blasted over the speakers in the club. “It’s my birthday today!” I shouted over the loud music into Juan’s* ear, my Colombian friend.  “I don’t believe you!” he yelled back. I took my phone out from his breast pocket …

The gazebo bandstand
Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Bandstand at Botanic Gardens (Postcard #17)

The bandstand, an octagon-shaped gazebo lies on the ground of the 82 hectares Singapore Botanic Gardens. Erected in 1930, it is only 71 younger than the Botanic Gardens itself. How it got the name of being the bandstand is because regimental bands would perform here in the past. Although this gazebo is no longer in …

Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Parliament House of Singapore (Postcard Singapore #16)

Opened in 1999, this current Parliament House of Singapore lies in the Civic District. In Singapore, we modelled our governing system after the British due to our colonial past. Prime Minister is the one with the power who is spearheading the country while our President is the head of state, a ceremonial role with limited …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Sir Stamford Raffles (Postcard Singapore #14)

Here is a statue of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles standing tall and mighty against the backdrop of our Central Business District (CBD). He signed the treaty with the Sultan (King) of Singapore on 6 February 1819. The treaty allowed the British to set up a trading post where he declared Singapore a free port. That …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Alkaff Mansion (Postcard Singapore #13)

Alkaff Mansion was built in 1918 for the Alkaff family. The Alkaff family were one of the prominent Arabic pioneers who came to Singapore in the 1800s and settled in. They made their wealth by trading spices, coffee and sugar between India and Indonesia. This is their holiday home where the family would gather over …

Colombia, Mompox
Colombia Destination Guide to South America

Guide to Colombia’s Mompox – Everything you need to know

In the Bolívar department of Colombia lies Mompox. A town that not many ventures to despite it being a UNESCO Heritage site. While this place is not as popular as other towns like Villa de Leva, Guatalupe and Salento, it played a significant role in shaping the history of Colombia. Today, this town attracts the …

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