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Chinatown Singapore
Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Happy 54th Birthday Singapore! (Postcard Singapore #6)

Happy Birthday Singapore! Today we celebrate 54 years of independence.   From these 2-storey red roof shophouses to all the high-rise buildings, one towering over another. This is the gorgeous skyline of proof that our constant effort on nation building never stops.  We had visions and we took risks. We worked towards common goals and had the …

Singapore Sling at Long Bar
Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Singapore Sling (Postcard Singapore #3)

This is the Singapore Sling, one of the top 100 cocktails in the world. It’s a gin-based cocktail that has brought fame and recognition to Singapore. It is made possible by Ngiam Tong Boon who created it in 1915. For the ultimate Singapore Sling experience, head over to Long Bar, the birthplace of this concoction. …

Asia Destination Postcard Singapore Singapore

Marina Bay Integrated Resort (Postcard Singapore #1)

Home is where the feet may leave but the heart will always be. Singapore, an island country located in South East Asia. With the country’s size at approximately 720km², we are just a dot on the map that you can hardly. To spot us, you would need to reverse-pinch your fingers to zoom out many …

Asia Destination Personal Singapore

54 things I have come to appreciate living in Singapore

This post was first written in 2015 in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday. With some years of more travelling and had the opportunity to live overseas, there are more things which I am grateful about living in Singapore hence this updated version. **updated 2019** Sometimes I ponder, of all the 197 countries in the world, …

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