Entering the last month of 2014, it’s time to wrap up for the year!

If 2013 was a mediocre year for me, 2014 was worse. The theme for this year is accomplishing. The truth is, I am no where near. Again, I felt super unachieved, probably because things were pretty much just like how it was in 2013.

Disappointed with myself? Yes, I am, for not planning my year and fill it with mini milestones but I guess I was not expecting much changes. It is because I did not cater or plan for any changes that is why I feel rather unproductive.

Resolution Review

1) Save at least 3X the salary

So I successfully save up at least 3X the salary this year. Super proud of myself for this!

2) Run 2X half marathon

I completed 1 Sun-Down half marathon at the mid of the year. Due to unfortunate accidents (I wish I don’t have to use plural), I was not able to participate in Standard Chartered half marathon as per my plan.

3) Rediscover Singapore

I made myself promise I am going to stop complaining how boring Singapore is by exploring places I have never been before or have not return for more than 10 years.

Tree Top walk

Pulau Ubin

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Amazing that Singapore also has awesome nature view like this.

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Southern Ridge Trail

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A peep into city life.

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Haji Lane

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Graffitied face right here in Singapore.

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Not too bad if I say so myself, I discovered 6 new places. 

4) Travel Asia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia (January)

Hong Kong/ Macau (March)

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Top of Hong Kong!

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Seoul, South Korea (April)

Malacca, Malaysia (May)

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Hilltop of Malacca. The heat is killing me….

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Malapascua Island, Philippines (September)

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (November)

I left my footprint in 6 cities/ island, they are constant source of motivation.

5) Complete reading 20 books

I failed. I only completed 12 books and I am at my 13th since August this year. Usually I can finish a book in a few days and it was hard to pry my eyes away on a book once I get started reading. It was very unusual for me being unable to breakthrough the 13th book. It was a 900-pages long book and although there are plenty of people raving about the book but I just cannot seem to find the fascination about it. However I am determine to finish the book by the end of the year!

6) Go to bed between 00:00 and 00:30 the night before a working day

Apparently I fail this one badly. How could I set such a unrealistic resolution for myself? I am a night person. Obviously I just want to pretend that I am as young as I was 10 years ago and my body can still cope with all the late nights and waking up for a day of long hard work.

I am now drafting this post way past the ideal bed time.

7) Pick up course or learn something new

Ok, I did not pick up a course but I learn something new this year. I bravely walked into the kitchen and start to learn how to cook more than just instant noodles which used to be my survival meal.

I have made some dishes and started improvising them on my own. The point is, I can only do western meals now. Those that I cooked are simple enough yet delicious. Chinese meals? Not so much. Ha… but who knows, maybe I will do them one day. At least I am progressing.

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Carbo free lunch!

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Verdict: I have completed four out of the seven resolutions for the year which is not too bad at all. At least I passed.


Moving on, some random reviews for the year.

1) Usually when my hairstylist cut bangs for me, I will give up maintaining after 2 to 3 months.  This time, my fringe stays on my forehead for a good whole year and I intend to keep this style for the time being. I no longer need to powder my forehead! :p

2) I completed #100happydays challenge. The challenge is to find that one happy thing in your life every single day for 100 days consecutively, even if the day suck, there has got to be even that one little thing that makes you smile. It is not an easy task, some days things are good but on certain days, it is about finding something good when the world seems to fall apart.

3) This year, I visited 4 UNESCO sites, I am slowly checking them off one at a time.


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Buddha sitting inside stupa

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Prambanan temple

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The largest Hindu temple in S.E.A. One of the UNSECO heritage

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Ruins of St. Paul


4) I would like to believe that I am tee gong kia which means God’s child in Hokkien. I know I do not have luck to receive windfall of fortunes but I am very blessed that lucky stars shine upon me once a while and shower me with pleasant surprises.

This year won a few contests, whether how big or small the prizes are, I am thankful for everyone of them.

Highlights of 2014

1) Won a pair of air tickets to Cebu via Tigerair.

‘Nuff said. who don’t love free air tickets?

2) AWE in Kota Kinabalu

This year’s AWE was exceptionally inspiring. It has helped to power me up for next year.

3) Conquering my fear to sit on vertical-drop ride in Theme park

I took my first vertical-drop ride in Lotte World, Korea. I used to be very afraid even when I watched those game shows on TV. My hands will breakout with cold sweat even though I am not the one riding on it. I am able to ride roller-coaster and other scary rides alone but when it comes to vertical-drop, I will chicken out.  I almost wanted to back out at the very last minute but I am glad I overcame the fear. It certainly felt like an achievement unlocked. YOLO! It was not too bad when I had friends taking the ride with me. The trick is not to panic, take deep regular breaths and everything will be over in seconds!

4) I took a photo with Jay Chou

Well, here is my cheap thrill, who cares if it is just a wax figure that probably one million people have already taken photo with? This is clearly the reason why I visited Hong Kong in the first place.

Lowlights of 2014

1) The ability to fall, not once but twice. First was a bad fracture and second one thankfully was just a pulled ligament and a twisted knee cap.

 Missed a couple of stairs and fell in July. It was a bad fall as I fractured my right ankle and pulled the ligament. Honestly I have no idea where on earth do I get so much positivity from but I took it in my stride and console myself that it was a blessing in disguise. At least I get to rest at myself at home and get 5 weeks of non-hectic unexciting life just bumming around, sleep, watch plenty of shows online and read, so much so that it scares me that I was quite comfortable doing so. I never thought I would be able to be at home for 5 entire weeks!

Just 21 weeks later, I ran after a bus, got the same ankle twisted and fell. My left knee went straight onto the concrete ground. Ouch! That was extremely painful and I was not able to get up. To make the matter worse, I probably expose my underwear to a handful of (un)lucky strangers as I was wearing a dress. A man just walked past me as though I was completely invisible and board the bus! (Unforgivable! Tsk!).

Anyhow thankfully a kind man assisted me onto the bus and suggested that I drop by to a nearby private hospital for a check which I gladly abide.

To cut the long story short, my latest review with my doctor, my right ankle ligament is loose and my left knee cap got twisted so physiotherapy should be able to fix these. *cross fingers*

2) Left Dancing Crab, a crab restaurant which is a subsidiary of Tung Lok filled but extremely unsatisfying.

To summarise, my friend and I specially went to the restaurant for crabs as it is their signature dish. We ended up with truffle fries, our drinks and a bag of prawns, mussels, corns and potatoes but no crabs simply because the waiter missed out our order twice, claiming that we did not ask for that order. Who would go to a crab place and not have their crab? Pretty ridiculous. It took one service staff to ruin our dinner however I appreciate the service recovery from the manager.

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Had one of my worst dining experience at #dancingcrab yesterday. We ordered truffle fries, drinks and a combo #1 that comes with this picture of food and a crab. Truffle fries came together with drinks. After we were done with our truffle fries, we enquired about our combo set to learn the waiter forgot to key it into the system. He claimed that he repeated our orders and confirmed it was just fries and drinks. Who on earth would go to a crab place and eat fries and have a drink only?! Requested for combo set #1 again. Then the bag of food in the picture came without the crab. Finished it and asked for the bill only to realise the same waiter keyed a combo #2 instead of #1 that comes with a crab. It was pretty annoying because we went there specially to try their crabs and by the time the manager offered to change the order and we could still have the crab but we do not want to sit around the restaurant just to wait for the crab anymore furthermore we was full for the fries and bag of food though still feeling unsatisfied. Can you imagine, going to a crab place and not eating crabs?! They probably have tasty crabs but all it takes was one service crew to ruin my dinner. Despite all these, I appreciate the service recovery from the manager. Not sure if I will ever return to this place though. Perhaps I should try out other crab places next time!

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That is all for my 2014 review.. I am very positive that 2015 would be a way better year. I am pretty excited because one thing for sure, I will not let the year go wasted!

How was your 2014? I hope you had a better year than me! 🙂

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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  1. Doesn’t look like much of a failure to me. I think you definitely over set your resolutions. People typically set 5 goals, if we go by that yardstick, it’s 4 out of 5. I don’t even remember what my resolutions are LOL!

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