On the 6th which is also the very last day of our trip.

Rise and shine with the morning light shining into our room.

The view from our room.

There is even a golf course in the city!

Daphne trying to stuff all her barangs into her luggage.

Nothing better to do… leaning by the window.

Our really messy and comfy bed! I miss the HUGE bed. =(

When we were ready to check out, rang the bellboy to bring our luggages down.
As we told him we only had 3 luggages, he brought a smaller scale trolley to our room only to realise, the 3 luggages are really heavy and apart from our luggages, we had bags we needed him to bring down for us as we intended to visit the Erawan Shrine for the last time before flying back to Singapore.
He was so poor thing afterhe stacked all the luggages and bags on the small trolley, he still had to strapped SzeHui’s bag on his shoulder while pushing the luggages down to the lobby area.
He looks really poor thing.

Outside Grand Hyatt Erawan waiting for our cab to arrive.

Asked one of the staff to take a photo for us.
One of the bellboy was behind with his funny pose and the bellboy who brought our luggages down is busy behind the counter.
The 3 of us thought he looks quite cute. Haha….

After we loaded our baggages into the back of the cab.

On our way to airport.
Left behind our footprints in this wonderful place.
We had a debrief in the cab, feeling all so emo about leaving the land of smiles.
We were really SAD!

Checked in our luggages, mine was 17kg, Daphne was 24kg.
Luckily I made Eugene brought my things back.

Before we head into the transit area.

We so so so don’t wanna leave the place!
I want to go back there now! =(

Had our brunch.

The beef noodle was so different from the one we had at Penisular Plaza. =(

We took such a long brunch until we ALMOST missed our flight!
We had the airline staff announcing “Miss Poh, Miss Kwan, Miss Loh” along with a string of passengers name over the PA system.
Damn cool can! We thought they will annouce the full name however only the surnames were called upon. What a disappointment.

Lunch on board the plane.
I amazed myself so much that after a very filling lunch we had before we board the plane, I ate the whole meal again!
See the rate I grow, nothing surprising.

Just waiting for the time to pass us by and bring us back to a place we call home.

Hired a cab to bring us home sweet home and so my luggage took the front seat with a fastened seat belt.

That spells the end of our adventure and where reality sets in once again.

Finally, all the 6 days trip updated and photos fully uploaded!
Took me almost 2 months to do them. =.=
I wonder when will the next adventure be? I miss getting out of the hectic life here to a place just to relax and enjoy.

Now that CNY holidays have ended, time to get the damn momentum back and get on with life, seriously!
No more playing until the semester is over!

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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