Another image heavy post!


On day 4, SzeHui and I went for a swim in the pool with the guys in the early morning.
Oh well, Daphne was the lazy one who actually slept in.
She is a very 见光死 indoor person lah.

Washed up and we were ready to start the day!
As our resort is situated in a rather quiet location, away from the town area therefore it was rather inaccessable for us to take any mode of public transport.
The drive to town would probably take at least 10 minutes therefore York Lin and Eugene coordinated with the resort staffs to arrange for a transport to bring us wherever we want to all day long!

So we hopped onto the vehicle. The guys sat in front with the driver while the 3 of us had the whole area to ourselves at the back of the vehicle.

SzeHui’s version of 逃亡-ing.

Cool seh.

1st stop was this standalone eatery for lunch!

Another recommendation by York Lin’s thai friend.

Opposite the eatery is the beach…

The famished us!

Ok, we don’t look very famished here. HAHA…. more like excited!
Finally the more authentic thai cusine.

The guys took charge ordering the food while we girls did what we do best!

It did not took them long to bring the dishes to us!

It was a very fulfilling lunch.
The mango salad, morning glory and steamed fish with lime sauce are fantastic!
We ordered a total of 6 chilled coconuts from a little store by the seaside, ultimate shiokness.

The tiger prawns were as big as Daphne’s hand.

But really big but not that tasty.

Miss Poh sat like a coolie… =.=

I think she enjoys her food better like this. Haha.

A follow up on Daphne’s bruises.

She used this and act pitiful with us…..

After lunch, we paid the musem a visit with the driver’s recommendation.
Being cheapo on tight budget, our plan was if it was going to cost us a bomb, we shall leave the place.
Anyhow it turned out to be 30 baht per head so we decided to give it a shot.
As we were all dressed in very 清凉装, and in due respect to whoever/whatever we had to cover up our legs and shoulder area with the cloth provided.

The people helping us tie the cloths and they actually did colour coordination.
Thank God!

Presenting the final products.

I heart SzeHui’s colour combination!

She looked good in it huh!

So we just walked around randomly around the park…

Taking pictures by the not very pretty but breezy seaside.

My jetskiing partner and I just 不爽ing each other and I was trying to act like a blind with my huge shades. Haha….

We tried to fit take photo together.

1st attempt.

Failed as York Lin blocked me.

2nd attempt.

Failed as he blocked Daphne.

On the 3rd attempt.

Ok, good shot! At least everybody was in it.

The empty house by the beach…

Won’t it be cool to live by beach? Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and cool breeze.
The crashes of waves are like music to the ears and not forgetting the fresh air with a tint of salt from the seawater.
A life free of woes….
*snap back to reality*

Happy me by the breezy seaside.


Daphne and SzeHui went to 甜蜜蜜 and left me with the guys to roam around.

By the very huge greeny garden.

By the pretty fountain.

Did my 1st jump shot.

Somehow my legs went missing!

Giving it another try.

Yay! This is so much better.

A very not me kind of picture…

The demure me…. that looks a little malayu here.

Looked up at the sky and saw parachutes!

Ok, i only manage to took 1 of them.
They looked so pretty high up the sky.

We left the museum after a short while since there was nothing exciting happening there.

Next stop was Hua Hin train station.

I had no idea how we ended up here.

York Lin with the sign in the middle of 2 tracks.

We were so excited when we see thr train tracks. =.=
As though we never had enough of Singapore’s MRT tracks! Haha…

This is different because we get to go on the track, walk the track and we do not have to stand behind the yellow line.

Jumpshots at the track!

My very lame pose. =.=

Tried to flag down the train.
Where the hell did I get my idea from???

Just at a train station itself we took so many photos and here are the selected ones.

Tried taking some artistic shots in sepia and b/w mode.

Shadows 5.

Can you spot who’s who?

Group shots with the 自拍 skill while waiting for the train to arrive at the station.

When the 5pm train horned from a distance, we instinctly stepped back as though we were searching for the invisble yellow line even though we were not that dangerously close to the track.

We were so excited when the train stopped at the station as though we had never seens a train before in our whole entire life.

We 甘愿 leave the place only after welcoming and sending off the 5pm train.

Right outside Hua Hin train station.

Our next destination was to a beach….. and our driver alighted us by the roadside.

Our eyes caught side of a roadside drink stall where we bought our drinks.

The cart looks so old school, I like!
I really heart thai tea.

Walked ourselves to the beach.

It was rather crowded place with food & beverage stalls, tourists and people with horses offering you a ride with a fee of course.

It was just a typical beach at HuaHin and we were quite sian diao by the beach until SzeHui found the rocks by the beach!

So she decided to climb up and check it out.

It is a awesome place to take pretty shots!

So the 3 adventurous us climbed up the rocks to take pictures.

We tried to act all arty farty. Haha…

Does it look like some album cover or something? HAHAHAHHAHA…..

The guys turn!

We made them pose all the silly poses. Ha…

The guys also tried the arty farty shots.

York Lin claimed that the view there was so good and relaxed that he just refused to back down.

He was too contented to even come down.

So I decided to climb up and join him….

If you’re just looking at the Picture 4, it looked as though we were pointing at something on the rock but it was just a 刚巧 pose as he was helping me up the rocks.

Finally, I reached the top of the rocks!

All the while I was trying to take photo, York Lin acted emo facing the sea and ignore me. =(

Heh.. me again with the crashing waves.

Pretended I was a sailor’s wife waiting for my love to come back.

Think I look more like saluting. =.=
Ok, so I let my imagination ran wild.

Emoing or just truly enjoying the view? Ha…

Act seh leh.

Eugene, at the top of the worldrocks!

Don’t it looks awesome?

Had the waves crashed onto the rocks to make the splash of water in the air.

Just got to timed it carefully with the waves to capture this.

Adjusting the setting on my camera for SzeHui.

My fat legs. =(

Some really random pictures.

Everybody doing his/her things.

My crazy idea!

I think Eugene secretly likes the pose. Ooops.

Again, 考验 the 自拍ing skill.

Even the dog liked the spot so much that it pooed near near us.

We actually managed to take a whole load of photos with a few piece of huge rocks!
Its amazing how we did it.
Then again, we did lived up to our names as being the cam-whore. Ha…

So after a truckload of photos by the rocks, we then finally left the place.

A shot by Daphne.

Following the path, we walked up the pretty stairs.

It led us to Hilton hotel.

Yes, the hotel which we were wrongly sent to the day before.
So the beach we thought was Hilton’s private beach is just a common ordinary crowded beach.

Wash the sands off our sandy feets.

Yes, that 美腿 is yours truly..

Hilton’s view looks not too bad with all the coconut trees planted everywhere.

Beautiful landscape.

Headed to the lobby of Hilton.

Hilton’s christmas decorations.

I heart the pretty snowman.
If only I could bring it home…. aw~

Pretended it was a birthday cake or something so I made a wish on it! =.=

After we rested our feets for a while at Hilton’s lobby, we decided to walk around the little town area.

Picture of the King and Queen of Thailand that is repected by all Thail people just right outside the hotel.

Farewell Hilton.

I strongly doubt I will ever see you again. Aw~

The pretty wall with door-like openings along the street.

Mr. York cannot decide if he should change 50 SGD or 100 SGD or to survive with whatever Thai Baht he has.

Kept checking his wallet, in such delimma. Ha….

In the pretty town of Hua Hin.

Like the picture of colourful tuk tuks lining up side by side.

When we are done with roaming around the street, exploring the touristy area, our driver came to pick us up to another of York Lin’s friend’s recommendation place.

It’s located near yet another seaside!

So I guess that’s how the name of the place comes about.

Let’s Sea
It’s an alfresco style by the beach restaurant and bar where you can eat /chill.
It’s suppose to be another atas dining place.
As usual, we are in our very casual wear stepping into the atas place.

The steps leading us in.

They have this really cool looking swing.

When we sat down, we were still wondering if the swing can take all our weight.
I am glad it did! Haha….

The dining area.

The chilling out area by the beach.

I really really love this area because it’s so breezy (minus away the mosquitos.) and romantic.
It has minimum light so when u look high up into the sky you can see the stars shining really bright and mind you, I could tell the difference between a star and a satellite.
Wished I am there now. =(

By the sea.

Love the colour of the sky when the sun is setting behind us.
Looks a little halloween in my opinion.

So we chilled by the seaside with some alcohol just taking in the moments.

After winding down with the alcohol, we went back into the restaurant for our dinner.

There was not many people around.

We ordered nice authentic Thai food.

Pardon my memory for I could not remember exactly what are the dishes we ate.
I remembered the curry was good however the thai fish cake was not up to our tastebud.

Even the toilet looks so back to nature!

It only had a wall seperating the cubicles in the ladies so as you can see, one side of it has a mini pond with plants. It’s very different from a normal cubicle whereby you’re confined within 4 walls.
If you stepped a little closer to the edge, you could properly peep into your neighbour’s cubicle.
Of course it’s relatively safe because it’s a ladies afterall.

SzeHui, very impressed by the cubicle.

A group photo after dinner.

I really really love the wonderful services of the staffs here as well as the romantic ambience. Aw~ This is what I call a 快乐天堂.

Of course being so perfect, it comes with a hefty price tag too.
The whole bill came up to about 4,500 THB if I recall correctly.
If you convert to SGD, each person paid about close to $40 for the dinner.
For the kind of ambience, service and food I think it’s reasonable however it was just that we were really THB tight therefore it did seems a little expensive.

Parting shot with Let’s Sea.

Aw~ I really really miss this place now.
I wonder if I’ll ever go back there this lifetime.

With the signboard right outside while waiting for the driver to pick us up.


Hua Hin is a small touristy town.
Mostly frequent by the caucasians therefore the things there are not as cheap comparing to Bangkok.
There was nothing much to do after dinner.
The one and only night market was the one we visited the night before so we ended up just roaming around aimlessly before calling it a night.

The snowman to sign off the post…. rather abruptly. Ha….

Ok, there’s still Day 5 & Day 6 to look out for..
I’m taking forever to edit those photos!

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