Well, here are all the miscellaneous photos from the Taiwan trip.
Emjoy… =)

Ha, doesn’t this looks familar to those Ngee Ann, School of ICT students especially?
The lift buttons to the place where i stayed.
The only thing different is that the ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ words are in chinese.

Well, this is found right beside the toilet bowl of the hotel.
Basically it’s telling us not to throw toilet paper, ciggies, papers and rubbish into the toilet bowl.
Can you image, not throwing toilet paper down the toilet bowl.
Well, that is because the hole inside the toilet bowl is not as big as ours, so it’s easier to get stuck you see.
How inconvenient. =S

Signage on the road

Telling you to look out for pedestrians

No dumping of rubbish as you would be caught.

Car plates

A car plate from a Taipei City car.
Taken at 淡水.

This is a car from 台北省 as indicated.
I do wonder how they derive their plate numbers.

Sights in MRT stations.

A advertisment at the underground mrt wall.
There’re characters from ‘Over The Hedge’.

Ha, I love the chinese words, 博爱座.
There are sits allocated for those old, needys or pregnant people in the MRT.

Telling you to get a grip!
Hang on to the handles provided so as not to fall.

Advising people to use the lift.

They also have this lcd screen telling you your whereabout.
The previous, current and the next stop.

Traffic Light

Traffic lights for the vehicles on the road.

The traffic indicators for the pedastrains.
The little green man is very cute because it’s animated!

Ha, here’s a very short video of it. =)
Pardon me, please tiled your head to look at the video!

Interesting places in Taipei.

This is the Red House, 红楼剧场.

Shopping Centre.

What’s on TV?

A programme on 三立 channel with 小乔 from 七朵花.

Just as I thought 许孟哲 vanished from the entertainment scene.
Ya, he used to be my 小孟孟. Lol
Here he is!
On a food programme with 陈乔恩 as one of the host.

明道 on TV!
They are airing 183 club 一把伞 music video.
Ha, he’s Xuefen’s favourite from the 183 Club.


In the city area, whereever you turn, you’ll sure see advertisments around.
All the different artistes endorsing different products and brands.
It amazed me that most of the advertiments are so huge!!!
Gigantically HUGE!

Sorry, can’t remember this guy’s name.
Is it Tae or something.
I know he is the 林志颖 lookalike guy.

Huge poster of ‘Over the Hedge’
Ha, we had this show in cinema way before they did.

Adidas’s huge advertisement.

Nicholase Tse at 西门町.

Can’t remember which brand/product are they advertising.
But the guy is Edison Chen!

The delicious looking 糕点.

A soft toy doggie from a departmental store. =)

A cinema ticketing booth that’s just right down the stairs of our hotel.
Initially i thought it was a money changer or something. Lol
Heard that the cinema tickets in Taipei are not cheap or even more expensive as Singapore, therefore we do not dare to even attempt to watch any shows.

At breeze centre, Xuefen was trying to do a 向左走, 向右走 thingy.

While i just simply stuck myself onto the wall of Gucci, like mah chaim some silly Gucci fan.
This photo is so misleading because people will think that i worship branded goods which is totally so untrue! *pout*
So i need to clarify, this picture is purely just a spontaneous act.
It’s all for the fun, peace and laughter

Very cute scene.
The whole stall selling the helmets for motorists.
The helmets look very cute. =)

One of those 24 hours store chain outlets at Taipei.
They’ve so many of those outlets that you could find one or two at every corner you turn.

I just thought this is very old school.
Very cute.

Before we left Taiwan, our chaffeur drove us to see the 槟榔妹s.
He offered to buy us a pack of the 槟榔s however we rejected the offer.
Too bad it was raining, the 槟榔妹s were cooped inside the store.
This is the one and only pathetic shot. =(

In conclusion, I did enjoy my trip lah.
At least it did taught me a lesson.

And please, the next time i travel out of Singapore, i do not want to be sick. =(
I miss Taipei!!! =)

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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