I had a v fully packed 2nd day in Taipei.
From 忠孝复兴地下广场 to 台北车站地下广场 to 淡水鱼人码头 to 淡水老街 to 士林夜市
We were so ambitious! =)
Packed enough that i’ve never been so hardworking before.

Headed down to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing underground mall.
Although it’s not a mega underground mall.
Nevertheless, it’s still better than CityLink Mall!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Xuefen with her delicious cream puff!

After shopping at Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Underground Mall, went back to the hotel and wait to be picked up by the hotel driver.
We requested him to sent us to the Taipei Main Station.

Just right outside Taipei Main Station!
The place is just like our Cityhall. =)
It is an interchange station for their MRT.
It is also a very vibrate place. Cool…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is their Railway Station.

Hoho, follow me as we walked into the underground of Taipei Main Station.

Headed to the Taipei Main Station Underground Mall for more shopping!
Another CityLinkMall lookalike.
Only better, bigger, longer and the plus point is CHEAPER! *grinz*

Hoho, this is some interesting decoration at the underground mall.
Well, this is the only picture i took because i was too engross in shopping!

After shopping at the underground mall, took MRT all the way to Dan Shui.
Mission there was to watch the beautiful sunset and to buy the 阿婆铁蛋.

Looked at the beautiful sceneries i took from the MRT.
This kind of scenes you can never find in Singapore.

I was so obsess with the new hat i bought that day!

Upon reaching Dan Shui station, took a bus down to the famous 渔人码头!

In the bus

On the way

Xuefen and I.
Acting Cool lah.

Finally, 渔人码头。
We left our footprint there! =)

Looking so pleased with herself and her new stylo cap!

Can you sense my excitment?
I was practically jumping like a monkey when i alighted from the bus!



Due to the time contraint that i faced.
I’ll have to leave the rest of the pictures and blogging for day 2 to another day.
Keep in tune yeah?
I know you love me. =)

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