This was my 1st trip abroad after 9 years!
Yes…. i’ve not even been to Malaysia for that 9 years.
My passport was only stamped once 9 years ago.
It was that pathetic.

I was super super excited in going abroad!
1st time without parents…. heehee….
It’s as though 张开翅膀 展翅飞翔 kind of feeling.

This is Xuefen.
This is her 1st overseas trip.
She’s so excited too…

Ok, this is me…. can feel my excitment anot!?!???!?!
Was inside the Changi Airport T1!

The 3 of us inside the tram
Xuefen, me and Melissa (Xuefen’s friend)

Xuefen and I.
Just before we’re about to leave for the runway!

Look at the beautiful sky!!!

By the time we touched down in Taipei, it was already in the evening.
Arranged with the hotel for a car transfer back to the hotel!

Inside the car…


After checking into the hotel…
DumpLeft Xuefen with the luggages and her beloved basin.
(Because she was vomiting and felt super unwell due to the air-sickness)

Went with Mel to check out the LaoNing Night Market which was only 2 streets away from where we stayed.
Bascially it’s nothing much.
Some eating place that’s all but nothing fantastic.

Headed down to the famous Xi Meng Ding at about 10pm.
This is what we saw upon stepping out from their MRT station.

Can you feel the vibe already???
It was already late at night but the night still looks young there!
The shops were still open!

Took this just outside a place i bought my accessories.
Ok, FYI the guy in the big big poster is Edision Chen.

Some guy doing some fire stunts along the street.

We left for the Shih Lin Night Market which is such a fabulous place to just eat and shop!
We only left the place at about 2 plus am, taking a cab back to the hotel.
The place is just so full of life.
A super duper big pasar malam that never sleeps.
Thumbs up for the place.


Yesterday, i slept until 2.45pm.
SHIOK is the only word to describe..
Was super late in meeting Xuefen and JingHao.

Bought a hair conditioner from The Body Shop. Heehee, i must say, my hair feels pretty soft after that.
Also got myself a Tomato Peel Off Mask. (Time to pamper myself)
Plus a tea tree gel thingy and a basic white spag from Giordano.

Brand new day at work.
Such a gloomy monday (I mean the weather)
So many things to complete.
Tata, i’m off!!!

P/S: Happy birthday to my mama… =)

Pamela Loh

Pamela, born and raised in Singapore. She is a dreamer, explorer, traveller and local tour guide.

A perfect day for Pam would be being on the road, having beers and endless of great conversations that shape a wider perspective.

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